Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Phone cam round-up

An admirable full disclosure effort

Either a Poltergeist moment or a television that has behaved very badly

Alternative foundation display

Among other things, yes, I am!

Coffee machine that longs to one day become a boombox

Or FOUND COCKTAIL in another universe

Did the Slinky beget Hope Springs or vice versa? Fishing license, please.

Table for one

Gypsy Rose clothing will make you look like this ...

... housecoats from Kmart will make you look like this.

Dazzling jewelry display at the discount grocery

Voort+man=the world's most disturbing name for a cookie

* * *


Anonymous said...

Great Collection. So many narrative possibilities. In my neck of the woods both that TV and Chair(@table for one) would end up in a yard sale. The folks in this region are expert at exploiting the waste stream. If they can get a dollar for it they'll sell it. Do ya'll see that in your locations?


Althea said...

Oh Erin, I thank you again for allowing me to see through your eyes--they are magnificent windows into our world. Love you girl! Table for one...still laughing!

Anonymous said...

@Mz E-

a)It would seem at this point that the woodland creatures have not yet developed cable or dish technology. There may still be time to turn the tables on them. If we can hold them to UHF/VHF and out-of-the-air-reception

b) Those lovely lounging-wear items are a bargain at that price, but unfortunately in our tight economic times it's a bit of a luxury. My personal solution is to frequent the hallway outside the outpatient radiology department of our local hospital. Every time somebody comes into the dressing room and leaves in their street clothes, BINGO, another beeyooteeful garment's available for pick-up. Use your judgment if you hear any talk about colonoscopies.

Thanks if you stayed and read all the way through this.


Erin O'Brien said...

RJ, I'd be surprised if the TV or chair didn't get picked up before the garbage truck came through.

Ours is one of those neighborhoods where plenty of one-mans-junk gets set out on the curb and the flea market sharks know it.

MR: colonoscopies.

And for the general readerships info, Althea is a grand ol' college buddy who knows a thing or two about knittin' small. I'm sure glad to see her drop in.