Sunday, June 29, 2014

The eyes of Lil' OB, vol. two

A collection of eye candy courtesy of Lil' OB, who took these photos during her recent trip to London, Paris and Madrid.

Captions by your humble hostess. See volume one here.

Tower of power

Bad behavior caught on stone

Horrifying display case

Brain trees


All she ever wanted was to be a clown

Street walker

Light and angels

Who knew?

Egg building and people

Thanks for the tour, Lil' OB!

* * *


Dudesworthy said...

That thar egg building is the office of the mayor of London.

If you've got five minutes then why not look up 'London Mayor zip line' on Youtube?

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff!


Anonymous said...


Did I ever tell you my Andre the Giant story?

In the fall of 1987 while working a Guess You Age and Weight stand at the Texas State Fair* I guessed the weight of Andre the Giant and two of his 'little' friend wrestlers. The stand was adjacent to the Cotton Bowl and there was a WW-something-or-another show at the stadium that night.

I actually got Mr The Giant-the scales were calibrated to 1,000 lbs-at 462 pounds-within three pounds of his weight of 465 lbs. I got the second guy as well-(little fella was 385) and by the third guy I was giggling and missed the guess.

Mr The Giant was a soft-spoken and extremely friendly man. He was visibly pleased to spend a few moments with some fans who saw him.


*-In Texas they call it "The State Fair of Texas." It's a tad pompous, like Buckeyes players saying "THE...Ohio State University."

Anonymous said...



Erin O'Brien said...

How much did I love posting the kid's Europe pix? TONS.

Great story, MR. Jessie loved all the Andre the Giant stickers all over Paris.

Erin O'Brien said...

And per the Dude's recommendation: