Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Study in motion

While your humble hostess furiously hammers away on a large assignment, she invites you to enjoy some alternative movement. Also, regarding the third video in today's line up, let the readership rest assured that your humble hostess's Kenmore Elite HE3 Automatic Clothes Washer was manufactured by (ahem) Whirlpool for Sears, thereby prompting her to once again inquire:

Who's your mama?

* * *


Verdant Earl said...

The washing machine video is hypnotic. I would have thought it would have died much, much sooner than it did. Wow!

Hal said...

That washing machine destruction was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Imagine my disappointment when I realized those were not in fact bulbs of garlic.



Anonymous said...

Those Aussies know how to party. It looks like he's got a stack in reserve at the right rear of his lot.

Somebody in the appliance business is missing a tremendous advertising opportunity. Just run that vid while flashing a graphic translating that Dr Destructo treatment to loads of laundry. There must be at least 15 million people in the country who would never buy any other brand, ever.