Wednesday, January 29, 2014

From my latest Q & A for Fresh Water with self-described culture worker RA Washington.

Rumor has it you use a manual typewriter. What gives?

RA Washington
It’s about a connection to a legacy of art being work and writers being connected to work, and not being so precious with our little devices. It's also a way to slow my process down and to honor the fact that my grandfather and my father and my great grandfather all worked with their hands.


I happen to know for a fact that RA uses a typewriter because I happened into a CLE watering hole once and saw him clacking away at the bar.

Free cutting edge music, books for prisoners and a mysterious character named Roi Da Moor are all part of the Q&A, so drop in and give it a read.

Inside RA's bookstore Guide to Kulchur. Light fixture by Dana Depew.

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Anonymous said...

Good read.

"The corporations and the people who own all these properties are benefitting from us creating these art districts and they're still trying to charge market-based rents for places that we make cool. That's not just."-RA

"I still believe the only chance for the human race to survive is to give up such pleasures as war, racism and private profit." Pete Seeger.