Wednesday, December 18, 2013


After having completed a positively dazzling CLE mini field trip this morning (the purpose for which will remain top secret until next month), the Goat and I stopped for lunch at Barroco on West 6th in the Warehouse District downtown.

Barroco shares a space with Downtown Liquor, which isn't your usual storefront hole-in-the-wall that's just a counter and some measly shelves selling pints for exorbitant rates, but a real, full stocked liquor store. So that garners style points on its own.

My Cubano was fabulous, filled with pork and ham and melted cheese and really fresh greens on a crusty yet delicate roll (**sigh**), but I was also digging on the street art on the tables and walls. It was all signed by Juan David.

I asked the guys behind the counter about it. Now dig this: the gent giving the two thumbs up in this next pic is Juan David in the flesh.


So, the guy who made my Cubano also created the art in the joint, which is about the most perfect thing I could ever imagine.

Cleveland, you never cease to ROCK MY FACE OFF.

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philbilly said...

Booze and Cubanos, one-stop shopping: +1

Also, the Guitar Center has 7 Hohner harps on sale for $16 until Sunday. I think that's what I paid in 1967.