Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hippie cookies and it's not the pope

Wish I'd bought one but I didn't. Sure would like to eat a sweet smile right about now.

Fancy candlesticks and bells on a mirror.

No, it wasn't the pope ...

... but his snazzy look has a lot in common with this sink in the ladies' room at Cleveland City Hall.

Two serious guys with ribbons and medals.

And my backyard this morning. Hello world.

* * *


Hal said...

Nice pics Erin. They make me want to go "blersig" (today's captcha code).

In fact, it's blersig 1200. That sounds like some top secret apocolyptic contraption. Or the name of a sex toy.

Paul Holbrook said...

Is it my imagination, or are these taken with something different than your usual cell phone round up cam?

Erin O'Brien said...

Hal, the sex toy would be named "hersig" or, more playfully, "Her Sig."

A blersig is the puff of smoke resulting from an iglet implosion.

Paul, I took the last pic out my window with my iPad. I took the others with my little point-and-shoot Fujifilm, which I love.

In this lifetime, I shall actually learn a thing or two about photography in order to improve these offerings.

Bill said...

Off topic but
This makes me want to move to Cleveland

Paul Holbrook said...

When I see the phone cam shots, I appreciate the point of view and the subject matter, but the low quality of the images bugs me. Makes me think someone should do a Kickstater to get Erin a better phone! (An iPhone 5s would do nicely. )

So thanks for using better gear for these shots. You do have an eye; better gear just helps.

Erin O'Brien said...

Bill, that was such a misstep on the part of France, it was laughable. I grew up in Lakewood in this house. It remains one of the most walkable cities in the greater Cleveland area, along with Cleveland Heights. I don't know as much about Euclid, but it would never occur to me to avoid it.

Paul, your comment made me smile. Ill try to tote along my Fujifilm more often.