Friday, August 02, 2013

Fun with Goat and Kid

Hey guys, let's see what's shakin' over at MOCA.

Stop fooling around in the gift shop, Goat. And no, you cannot have the monster wall hanging ...

... or the super ball with floaties.

Uh-oh--the kid's gone down a rabbit hole ...

... and sure enough, she found the Mad Hatter and friends.

In the meantime, it looks like the Queen lost her head.

Careful, Goat, they look hungry.

"So this is what if feels like to be inside of a book."

I guess so, kid.

Gimme that camera, Goat!

Thanks, MOCA. We had a blast!

* * *


Beanie said...

Thanks for taking us along!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

good lookin' family!.. btw love your daughter's dress!

Anonymous said...

@ KBF-I was thinking the same thing. When the wife sees a pic like that she has a little 'no daughter' twinge, but fortunately there are beaucoup nieces. It looks like she's picked up a little hippie-chick vibe from somewhere.

That's a pretty great little tour brochure, Erin. And that stairwell shot is great. MoCA is now on the list. Thanks....


Anonymous said...

Good looking healthy sparky kid, well done to you both.

One question though. And it's off topic a bit.
Over the past while you've been photographing the city. Actually or as background. And without a doubt you have areas that are quite cruddy and a bit ghost-townish. But nowt beyond what you'd expect for a city. Now here's the Q. Cleveland and Detroit were pretty much tandem all through their industrial history. How is it that one imploded and managed to erode it's tax base so much it cannot manage it's finances. While the other is humming along. And while not at the steamwhistle pitch it once was, nonetheless able to foster places like you record here.

Erin O'Brien said...

Hi gang.

MOCA is not a collecting museum. The installations change. Check in over at their website (linked in the post) to see what's in-house and get info on their free Saturdays, which are once a month or something like that.

As for CLE and DET, roaring, I'm afraid I'm not the one to ask, although these here Interwebs are no doubt full of commentary on the status of the Rust Belt and why parts of it are doing better than others.

Note: My amateur tours of CLE on these pages are always through a lover's eye. It's funny, though, isn't it? Even when I'm taking pix of garbage and crappy signs and animal carcasses, it's still compelling. Maybe it's because I'm from this place in such a profound way. Maybe it's because I believe in it.

Maybe Detroit needs more erins.

yeah, yeah.

Thanks for the comments, gang.

Anonymous said...

@ roaring40: this is greatly over-simplified, but some of the differences between Detroit and Cleveland today can be understood by considering that Detroit began to slip sooner and crashed far deeper than Cleveland ever did, and was already in extremis when the housing bubble exploded. In addition the economy of the metro Cleveland area was I think always more diverse and so jobs in the core city-i.e., downtown, were still there as a foundation to start to rebuild on.

Sorry, because I am generally averse to generalizing like this with no relevant numbers, but I'm just too damn tired tonight. And I'm also somewhat drawing on the personal experience of living my entire life here, give or take a month or three here and there over the years.

But there is one particular concrete number that I think has been very important to the overall morale of people here, and again I'm too tired to go digging, but it's this: the quantity of liquor licenses available in the city Cleveland, which was a fixed number per capita by city charter, has never been reduced in a city that peaked at well over a million people in the '50s and now is down to somewhat around 448,000. You can steal our football team and then pick our pockets a beer or a heater at a time to build gleaming new factories in which millionaire players work for billionaire owners, none of whom feels appreciated for what they 'give' to the community. But that gin mill down the block? That we can crawl home from blind-folded with a hyperextended taint during a driving sharknado of zombie-apocalypse Great Whites spawned by an unholy triumvirate of Satan, Justin Beiber and Art Modell? That place with the Little Nut Hut and the 12-pound jar of Hot Sausages on the bar-back for which the first listed ingredient is beef lips?* That little joint where they run a actual bowling league with actual rules and actual standings on the coin-op bowling machine, the kind with a bowling ball and not a puck? C'mon now-let's don't be crazy stupid, OK?


*This is all pretty much based on personal experience, but I just want to emphasize that the bit about the beef-lips sausages is quite real and not a hallucination caused by the 79-cent 'Vyagra' I ordered from the Canadian Farmacy** which has been bombarding my spam box 8 and 10 times a day for the last 15 months.

**I suppose that those spellings of pharmacy and Viagra should have served as a warning. But I saw it on the internet. They couldn't put it on the internet if it wasn't true, right?

Thanks for playing along at home.