Friday, April 26, 2013

On location

* * *


Yabu said...

I would love to own that building in the next-to-last photo. Big potential.

Anonymous said...

That top pick at W-25 and Meyer?


rick slark said...

The last pic is totally cool.

carole said...

W34-ish & Lorain there is graffiti on the lower half of a bldg that says "READ A BOOK" how can you not love that? will soon send you a pic of...hang on will make you wait. it'll be worth it.

Erin O'Brien said...

That building is outside of Amsterdam New York, Yabu.

Yeah, MR, 25th and Meyer.

Isn't that the old Hugo Boss factory, Carole? Not sure, but I think I know the building you're talking about.

Now for everyone dig this "tiny house" link.

Woodman said...

There is a small town I drive through once in a while in northern Indiana that has a building that was torn down that I guess they decided to make into a sort of town square. The backs and sides of the surrounding buildings have had facades painted on them, and the former back doors are now the main doors.

It's pretty neat. I do wonder where they used to put the stuff that used to be in that alley though.