Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Goat, the Queen, a bull and a Bug

No, Goat, we didn't come here to ride the Ferris Wheel.

We're at the Auto Show! We need to find a chariot fit for a queen.

Nah. That one's for Hoose. It even says so right on the tire.

Dunno, Goat. Don't think these will hold up in the rain.

I think this one might be Philbilly's. You see Philbilly anywhere around here?

Quit fooling around and help me find a proper vehicle, Goat!

Um, Goat? We need a whole car, not just a stack o' tires.

Nope. Those lights on the roll bar look like eyeballs. Creep me out!

If I'd wanted a horse, Goat, we'd have gone to a stable.

Betcha they pick out something yellow.

You're not going to listen to a robot, are you, Goat?

This guy will tell us where to look.

Well then ...

*  *  *


Joe said...


Anonymous said...

I must say the VW does suit you.


Anonymous said...

Not going for the Chevy then.

Anonymous said...

Puts the old phrase "She's got a bug up her ass today" in a fresh light.


Erin O'Brien said...


John Venlet said...

Erin, I know you'd like one of those new VW Beetles, as you've mentioned previously. So, are you going to work a deal and trade in the Mini Cooper. The VW suits you.

Anonymous said...


If Erin gets a new VW she'll be the ultrashit.

How's that?


Erin O'Brien said...

I mean COME ON. You've got Shaq. You've got Goat 'n Bull (have you any IDEA how hard it was to get the Goat to sit still for that shot?). You've got a crazed horse and that Wildcat car.

I defy anyone to find a more diverse photo round up of any car show anywhere.

okay. erin done. erin go write articles now.

Jon Moore said...

Don't be a candyass Erin O'Brien. Get the turbo with the six speed manual. Oh, and a sunroof would be a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

@Erin-please, be honest. you didn't give at least a giggle or a guffaw or even a snort at 'bug up her ass'?

As to your main point, the diversity to be found at a car show? You could have met with aliens from a far-away galaxy (not the automotive 'Galaxy' although you wanna talk classic 60s/70s they were there)found Jimmy Hoffa, alive and well, serving Elephant Ears, and helped OJ apprehend the real killer(s), and it still would have been at the car show.

Now, if you really wanna get the comments flying, do a photo shoot from the Browns control room on draft day, infiltrate the room at Ohio Lottery Headquarters where they fix the number drawings, or go in appropriate gear to the Organ Grinder's Ball...Now yer talkin' feedback...


philbilly said...

Holy crap onna cracker, the greatest techknowlogeekul advance I have ever seen anywhere, ever, was them newfangled beer glasses what fills up from the bottom! "The bottom, you say?, can't be done!"
That's what I said, staring and blustering incredulously, but it's true, it fills from the bottom! No foam, for God's sake! Turns out they's a magnet in the bottom of the cup. Beer goes in, magnet slams down on a steel ring surrounding the filling hole! Extraordinary! Invented by college kids! And for 7 f-ing dollars a cup, don't want foam. Brought mine home, about to have a $0.50 beer in it, which will taste even better, even without the Most Awesome Beer Dispensing Machine I have ever witnessed. The Sun will never set on my America.

Wildcat sweet.
Sat in convertible bug, noticed it had real actual knobs on the radio,+1

Anonymous said...

Ah come on now O'B, your fault for not giving us a better steer. How the hell were we to know you'd accept a proper roasting.
M-kay, looking at those 13. I'd say they reflect a chick that's a bit horny since there isn't one that's not suggestive of a right proper shag except the last one. P1 has the upright in the third, also has lots of big powerful poles trusting upwards. p2 Big throne = big bed. p3 Poles and big holes. p4 Baby cars. p5 Wildcat well how much explanation does that need. p6 A rampant bull. p7 Huge rubbers. p8 Huge trusting upright things. p9 A stallion, what needs saying. p10 BIG robots for the lass who had a crack on R2D2. p11 Leaning over some guy at the hip ?.
The only two a bit off the theme are the yellow pants and the rather satisfied chick in the VW.

Erin O'Brien said...

Thank you, people. Thank you thank you thank you!