Monday, February 04, 2013

Phone cam round up, Cleveland City Hall edition

Skylights, City Hall style.

Important City Hall bell, white cooker thingie and blue screen.

Citizens in the center of Citizens Center at City Hall.

Prominent and incredibly important Clevelanders are recognized in Cleveland's Hall of Fame in City Hall.

City Hall HVAC repair/maintenance technique.

City Hall hall.

Seriously serious City Hall dude.

Plumbing repair/maintenance method ala City Hall.

Shadowy character inside City Hall.

Municipal wreath at City Hall.

*   *  *


Jon Moore said...

Hey Erin O'Brien, nice picture on the Hall/Wall of Fame.

Erin O'Brien said...


Anonymous said...


I guess they didn't let you into the room with the trough where those swine all feed...

Jo said...

I was going to "fix" the hall of fame picture for you...then i looked closer and saw i got beat to the punch(line).

Anonymous said...

I wonder why they felt that 'Mimi' from the Drew Carrey show belonged up on that wall?

Yeah, I think we'll stay anonymous on this one...