Thursday, December 06, 2012

Lady luck?

Like Ben in that scene, I'm off to Las Vegas. Unlike Ben, I'm going on business and when I (ahem) leave Las Vegas, it should be under far better circumstances than his tragic exit.

At about the 2:11 mark in today's clip, you'll see a cameo of Director Mike Figgis. He's got the curly slicked back hair. This movie may be serious and sad, but after having met Figgis, you cannot know how that particular appearance cracks me up. He also shows up on cab signs throughout the movie--wearing heart shaped glasses.

 Hold the fort down for me, boppers.

*  *  *


Anonymous said...

Been coming here 4 or 5 years. These references always make me sad. Safe journey.


Anonymous said...

A little over 24 hours later as I sit in my living room looking at chores that need to be done I find myself thinking "Shit...I think I'll just throw it all out in the yard and set it on fire." Why do you suppose we hang on to stuff?


Goat said...

This is an ongoing discussion at the offices of our humble hostess who is away on her adventures. I am guessing a mix of perceived need in the future( my argument), guilt(grandma gave me that),memories (grandma gave me that),etc. I have been losing these discussions lately, but as long as we have an attic I am still in the game.