Friday, November 30, 2012

Poking around with Polk

Local funny man Mike Polk Jr. created and starred as Greg in the HBO Man in the Box weekly web show (see vid above), has kissed a boy, and has even written a book. Hear about some of that and more in my Q&A with him for this week's Fresh Water.

And if that's not enough, Polk's also tried his hand at R&B (go for the sweatsuit, stay for about, seven? no--four minutes, assuming you don't move around too much) and pissed off a whole bunch of Clevelanders.

I had a ball interviewing him.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Erin-I'll have to start looking for this.

Facebook is my last, and final, and this time I mean it, hill to die on re tech and invasions of privacy.

First came walkie-talkies. I managed a department in an amusement park of hundreds of acres. I disliked it, and somehow somebody always called me within fifteen seconds of my ass making contact with a toilet seat, but it was a necessary evil.

Not so long ago, it was the pager. I could never understand why fifteen-year old employees in the business I ran neede pagers. Was it 'Doogeie Howser syndrome'?-were they doctors? Were they a super-rare blood type and they were on call to donate and save lives only they could save? I never found out.

Next up was the cell phone. For years, I told my crew at work "Guys, you ever see me with a cell phone, just go ahead and shoot me, because you'll know my soul is already in hell."

So far, I have avoided Facebook like I avoid cliches and the plague. The wife's cellphone bleeps and warbles and beeps all night long with some inane bullshit or another from some twit or another she barely knows. So far, I have seen no insidious reason on the horizon which might force me into Facebook serfdom, but I swear it's off the Valley View bridge with myself if ever they try and entrap me.


Erin O'Brien said...

Facebook is an evil overlord.

No one ever calls my cell phone. The few times someone tried to call me on it, it didn't ring or there was operator error. Now the cam is going on the fritz, so there's that.


philbilly said...

Thanks, EOB. I joined Farcebook for one reason and one reason only. This past October 26th, a Porsche Carrera was given away, and to enter, one had to be registered via Farcebook. I did not win. A guy in Illinois won, lucky bastard. I had forgotten to permanently delete my account, which I shall do ASAP.

I chronically destroy/ lose my cellphones. Now I have one from Wallymart, $18. It rings, talks, and most importantly, shuts off.

Anonymous said...

@ philbilly-I once deliberately threw a cell phone right into the crapper with the statement "I never wanted the fucking thing and now you're gonna use it to SPY on me?!"

philbilly said...

Awesome. I do really dangerous stuff every day, sometimes all day. One slip is a finger, an eye, crushed. Don't like that my phone is turned off? Tough shit.

philbilly said...

And another thing. A big gigantic fuck you to every person involved in customer service, no matter where, that checks their phone while attending to my business. Seriously, fuck you. You know who you are.

I once had a douche come and ask me for a job. While I was asking him some questions, his phone rang, he said " hang on chief" and walked away to take the call. Five minutes later he strolls back over and starts yammering again. I said " I call you later, I know you'll have your phone on". He didn't get it. Douche.

Anonymous said...

Deletes "philbilly-smartphone" from Letter to Santa.


philbilly said...

I wish it were true, RJ, but sadly even this Luddite is planning to purchase that oxymoron known as the smart phone. It seems that I can monitor my new security cameras from such a device, and I'm way too paranoid to pass on that. Also when I'm on the road, I carry two cell phones(one is dedicated to the alarm monitoring company), a digital camera, an air card, a card reader and a netbook and every f-ing one takes a different charger. Digital Jacob Marley. So I routinely quiz the kids, looks like it's Galaxy so far, screen size/ camera will win out. I often have to photo grimy engine serial numbers in dusty chassis buried in dark barns and garages, or send someone a picture of their newly refurbished Bosch distributor shaft bushings honed to exactly

Also they can take credit cards.

Anonymous said...

Hiya phil...

"Digital Jacob Marley"-That is frickin' funny. A keeper, with so many possible permutations.

Another great potential band name too.