Thursday, November 08, 2012

One country for all men

President Obama has folks standing in line to disagree with him, but the fact is that he was re-elected. You had your chance to vote against him. Now it's time to check your bias at the door, support him, and wish him nothing but success. His plan will continue to be executed, but the effectiveness of that plan cannot be determined by President Obama. It's up to everyone else. If you wish for Obama's plan to fail, it's very likely it will. If you work for Obama's plan to succeed, the sky is the limit. The stakes are high. An Obama failure is a failure for the whole country, but the onus for the failure isn't on Obama. It's on you. 

-from Paul Bitzan

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Anonymous said...

I thought it said "check your BRAS at the door"... sigh. Then again, I guess I'm OK with that!

Anonymous said...

That Great Statesman And Diplomat Senator Mitch McConnell, he of the 'One term is our Job One' comment, was already talking further obstruction Wednesday.

This lame-duck session is going to be pretty significant. If congressional GOP figures are still playing games, we will see Senator Reid blow up the filibuster on the first day of the new Congress.


Bill said...

I hope, "he did a great job on Sandy", Obama, is watching CNN who is finally covering the suffering and lack of help. It really brings tears to your eyes. This is really tragic people.

Mrs. C said...

FEMA and the volunteer agencies (I'm looking at you, Red Cross!)have done a great job on Sandy; mobilization of aid and relief has been swift and focused. The fact that this storm hit the area of highest population density and in autumn and followed by a Nor'Easter is humbling. The number of deaths is staggeringly horrific, and those numbers will go up through this weekend, certainly. But because of a set-aside of a prohibitive law, fuel is getting through. A friend sent me a photo of the oil tankers lined up to enter the harbor--what a great sight! And our job continues: Text "Red Cross" to 90999--then do it again, and once or twice more across the coming weeks. And send a little something to another agency or two who are also providing aid and assistance. I've been supporting the Ali Forney Center which was taken out in the initial storm surge: they provide shelter, food, safety to LBGT teens who have been kicked out by parents. Those kids were rendered homeless again by Sandy, and the Center is hustling to pull them back in off the streets as this emergency continues. Consider them or another charity, because it's not about Obama's support once he mobilized FEMA; it's about OUR continuing response.

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks for the update Mrs. C.

Anonymous said...

Say, Erin, I didn't notice any lack of storm coverage up until the election, did you? Why is it that certain individuals perceive coverage of something besides their pet topic as ignoring their pet topic?

"This is really tragic" the Troll said gleefully!


Bill said...

Rome, meet fiddler(s).

philbilly said...

If only we could go back to the salad days when Bush '43 expended the lives of over 4000 of America's finest men and women in a half baked madman's folly into Iraq and then crashed the fucking economy. F-you.

"Heckuva job,Brownie!"

philbilly said...

And let me tell you why we're not in trouble. Because every goddam day, millions of us get up and go to work and do the right thing and we outperform the drag imposed by the welfare slackers in the hood, the Hamptons and Wall Street.

Bill said...

$16trillion debt. probably going to $20trillion in next 4 years. GDP growing at only 1.5 - 2%. Unemployment at 7.9 with no signs for improvement. 49million Americans on food stamps. Average family income down by $4,300 per year. Health insurance premiums up by $2,500 and will be up another $2,500 under Obamacare. Happy days are NOT here again. I hope that sand keeps your head warm.

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination or is there a creature posting on this blog actively rooting for bad things to happen? - Anonymous

Yes Anonymous there is. E. coli. Posts under the nom de plume "Bill."

Randy Johnson

Jon Moore said...

Hey RJ,
Is it my imagination or did 'Bama get beat by Texas A&M?
Seriously, my condolences.

Anonymous said...

Condolences appreciated but not necessary. Turn the ball over can't expect to win. Johnny Football a heckuva player.


philbilly said...

13,246: Dow Jones industrial average at the close on Election Day, up 67 percent from the day President Barack Obama took office.

7,949: Dow at the close of George W. Bush's last term Jan. 20, 2009, down 25 percent during his eight years.

10,588: Dow at the close of Bill Clinton's last term on Jan. 19, 2001, up 227 percent during his eight years.

3,242: Dow at the close of George H.W. Bush's term on Jan. 20, 1993, up 45 percent during his four years.

2,235: Dow at the close of Ronald Reagan's second term on Jan. 20, 1989, up 136 percent during his eight years.

Oh yeah, and Obama got Osama. Suck on that.

Man, I saw Laura Ingram on Fox this morning, she is one fine looking lady. Just sayin'.