Friday, October 12, 2012

Small moment, big space

Much has been written about the new atrium at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and when Michael Gill of CAN Journal asked me to write a little something about it, I collected the data and conducted a pertinent interview. I sat down to list a bunch of numbers and spit out another article that was like all the ones that came before it.

Fortunately, the other Erin chimed in:

Really Erin? To hell with that. Write about the magic instead.

Oh how I love this town.

*  *  *


Jon Moore said...

Leave the stats and facts to the other guys, keep writing Erin stuff.

Contrary Guy said...

Obligatory Cleveland stat reference: the atrium is about the size of two football fields... neither of which the Browns can win on.

Erin O'Brien said...

to be honest, CG, I'm not sure if it's that big, but it's really big.

Contrary Guy said...

heh, one of these days I'll not try to do math until I've had the morning coffee. It'd be a little under 1 football field in size. Still pretty big. Wouldn't want THAT heating bill in a Cleveland winter.