Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Peanut butter celeries and they moved Halloween

-The Goat is a good goat. The Goat is good at making friends.

-Is there anything more satisfying than filling a piece of celery with peanut butter? Smoothing off the top just so? I think not!

-Yes, I had peanut butter celeries for breakfast.

-I do not know the proper plural of celery and I do not care if "celeries" is not a word.

-Despite his lush whiskered upper lip, John Bolton does not evoke the phrase "mustache ride." That is saying something, people.

-I am composing this silly thing whilst beneath the fluffy covers of the bed. Since the Offices of Erin O'Brien are essentially the area immediately surrounding Erin O'Brien at any given point in time, you could say I'm at work. 

-The city moved Trick or Treat to Sunday night. Oh well. It does not feel like Halloween today anyway.

-I may be the last American woman who still hands out beers to dads on Halloween (Moms too).

-And since we're here: Butterfinger Crisp, Tootsie Pop, Dots, Reeses.

-This is a Yoda squash:

-No, I do not have any clothing on.

-Dinner tonight: leftover chili. Whew. Glad that's done and come to think of it, so is this post.

*  *  *


Laura Maylene said...

This will be my first Halloween as a homeowner instead of an apartment dweller, which means my first ever trick-or-treat responsibilities. Peter and I already planned to bundle up and sit on the porch drinking beer during the festivities, but now we can offer beers to the parents! We actually have way too much beer in our fridge right now (hello, first world problem) so this is a win-win. Thanks, Erin!!

Joe said...

Dots are the world's greatest candy. Too bad I can't eat them anymore -- damn diabetes.

Chili is on tap for supper here too. Fresh, not leftover, though.

I going as a Republican for Halloween. Middle-aged white male.

KitKat bars suck. Clark bars are worse. Zero bars are the product of the Devil's arsehole.

Joe said...

Oh and pimento cheese from a jar is good in celeries too.

Erin O'Brien said...

Laura, there is no joy like that of the joy you will see blooming on the face of a dad to whom you give a cold beer on Beggar's Night.

Joe: I also like those cute little Laughing Cow cheese triangles. I spread 'em on a chunk of sweet red bell pepper.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy, lots to mention here:

@Joe-1) Clark Bars are to Chevy as Butterfinger is to Cadillac.
2) I disagree about Kit-Kat, but they've gotta be frozen and the white one is better than the milk chocolate. 3) I saw a great zero-cost or near-zero cost costume idea: Sunglasses, bath robe, T-shirt, PJ bottoms and slippers and Voila ici! The Big Lebowski! (I know, I know..."Shut the fuck up, Donny")

@ Laura: my advice to you as a new homeowner would be to save all the leftover beers that guests bring over for parties and shit of brands you don't like and use them to tip your municipal rubbish crews. Muni trash guys don't give a fuck about the brand and I find that it's usually good for 3 to 6 months of a clean tree-lawn.

@Erin: On a health kick I tried taking cut celery to work to snack on instead of the Lay's Jalapeno Kettle Chips from the machine at work (they are salty, greasy crack, as God is my witness.)But I found out I couldn't really stand 'em without an outlandish amount of salt. So I get to choose-heart attack from the cholesterol or stroke from the salted celery. I would love to hear anybody's opinion of which way I should go with that little humdrum conumdrum.

Happy All Soul's day to all!


PS to Erin-Can the word verification be 'adjusted' in some way to make it a little easier? Jeez, I think I got a brain hernia from the last one. WV I had to deal with earlier on another si6te was loads easier...XXOO Mike

Erin O'Brien said...

Stupid WV. There are NO controls available and I'm worried about changing out comment systems. I might experiment though.

How dumb is this?

Anonymous said...

My favorite costum was the one of Chris Christie dressed up as Obama's campaign manager.

@MR- Guess I'd opt for the heart attack given the alternative. Best Wishes.

In re: Junk Food. Am I the only one who has only recently learned of Taki Fuego Chips? My teenage pop culture reporter sometimes a little slow to clue me in on this stuff.


Erin O'Brien said...

Okay people. You want junk food war? You got junk food war.

Major Effing Guns: Herr's lattice cut potato chips.

dean said...

First, who's that guy with Goat? (haha)
Second, by typing while naked you have made me all hot n bothered. I hope you're happy, O'brien!

Mrs. C said...

Like Joe, I am a pimento-cheese-from-the-jar-schmeared-onta-tha-celery-sticks kinda whore.

Cream cheese, too.

Kit kats and Reese's PB cups chez Mm.C.

Yoda is offering a quite pleasant mustache experience in comparison to el doucheo above.

Michael Lawless said...

Joe...I love Kraft pimento cheese in a jar, but, for some reason, Giant Eagle does not have it anymore. But I'm looking for it. It works with a half bag of pretzel sticks....

Joe said...

Kraft pimento and American cheese singles on white bread make for a good grilled cheese. Had one for lunch!

No NOT Velveeta, and you know who you are.