Monday, September 17, 2012

Zapping coolie blasters tumbling ineluctably forward

You can try to write about IngenuityFest, but you will probably fail. If my old friend Maureen McHugh were around, she'd call it trying to dance about architecture. Some things just don't jibe.

IngenuityFest is what comes to fruition when the weird brilliant people are left to their devices. Add a classic industrial space (cavernous lakefront cargo warehouses), a healthy dose of CLE energy and a bit of glitter courtesy of Mother Nature and the magic cascades--as long as you're willing to tilt your head.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Enjoy a measure of Ingenuity courtesy of your humble hostess. Click on any pic to enlarge.

*  *  *

A stone-faced soldier and hovering angels welcomed the royal subjects.

Balloon Fish Man held court high above the troubadours and peddlers, the strolling lovers and drunken jesters.

Lovely dimpled lasses offered up fried cakes and sausages and flat breads stuffed with roasted meats.

Buxom ladies tempted those bellying up for a yard of ale.

Others gave pause to a study in yellow.

The sun set upon Lake Erie, but not on the whirling fliglydids.

Smirking princes peeped from behind plaid walls.

Your humble hostess exchanged secrets with a loyal man bathed in light.

Pixies and duchesses roasted marshmallows before the glow of a neon campfire.

Penguins danced.

Blossoms bloomed.

Royal subjects roved amid pillars of woven light.

A regal Goat inspected a mysterious energy catcher.

That Emperor with the new clothes could learn a thing or two from IngenuityFest.


See all you bevellified beaded blizters next year. 

*  *  *


Michael Lawless said...

I googled "fliglydids" and the only result was this blog...a new glorious O'Brienism animated near the Erie Shore.

rraine said...

it isn't often that one gets to use the word "ineluctably". probably a good thing for me, 'cause i can't pronounce it!

Erin O'Brien said...

Ineluctable fliglydids.