Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kiss and tell

The ending moment may be the most satisfying in the history of mankind.

This, people, is what I live for.
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Anonymous said...

"Noble". Just contemplate that for a moment. Any longer will make one violently ill.


Joe said...

Get 'em Ted. Example number upteen million of the liberal media castigating the sector that refuses to get with the program.

This is the "journalism" equivalent of you going after conservatives or me dumping on Democrats.

My buddy who writes for TIME will at least admit he has a political bias. It is the sanctimonious twits like Koppel, Rather and Cronkite who piss me off.

There really is no difference in Fox coverage of NEWS or CNNs coverage of news. It is at night EVERY network brings on the OPINION shows. Try to watch MSNBC with an unbiased eye and see how far the yare in Obama's tank.

Need we even get into CBS and the "fake but accurate" crap?

Finally, bias in journalism is not new. Today's Fox and MSNBC are just following in the footsteps of Greeley, Pulitzer and Hearst.

Heck, the top journalism prize is named after one of the most sensantionalist and biased publishers. Who is fooling whom?

Erin O'Brien said...

Koppel has always had fearless integrity. Dig what he was saying about Iraq and Afghanistan in August 2010:

I do not think that any nation should go to war simply on the backs of a few hundred thousand men and women and their families. When a nation goes to war, it needs to be as an entity. And by and large, 90 to 95 percent of the American public, probably more than that if you look at the real numbers, are paying absolutely nothing for this war. We are not paying anything additionally in money. We are not paying anything in terms of personal sacrifice.


Jon Moore said...

Ted's hair always kept me from taking him too seriously. But if he would wear a hat like yours, I would have to re-evaluate.

Erin O'Brien said...

Koppel looked like Mad's Alfred E Newman in his heyday.

I am going to make borscht while wearing nothing but the hat.

Anonymous said...

I almost ended my post with "Cue the cons saying 'Well the Liberals do it too'."
Then there's the equally satisfying bromide "Sensationalism is nothing new." True dat. Way back yonder in the early 70's when I took a Journalism 101 course there was a disdain for "Yellow Journalism" among the practitioners of the craft. Woodward and Bernstein and Seymour Hersh were role models. Today they'd be labeled anarchists and traitors by the editorial board at Fox. But let's not get entangled in the nets with the Red Herring. Let's get down to the Real issue. "Noble." The people that control the political right today truly believe that they are the divinely assigned guardians of that sacred creation known as "America." English speaking, Christian, Capitalist America. This gives them license to say and do ANYTHING in pursuit of their mission. "Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."-Matthew 5-10. And of course this even includes supporting a Government who sends their military to invade sovereign countries without provocation. History and data have and will continue to show THEY ARE WRONG. DELUDED. But as I learned long ago working in mental health one can't argue with madness. So from time to time it does this body good just to say "Hey Joe, et al. Fuck Off." BTW Joe, my sister's name is on the masthead of Cooking Light magazine, which is owned by Time, Inc. Ergo I'm just as qualified to opine about journalistic integrity as you. "Smooch."

Randy Johnson

Jon Moore said...

Here's a journalism note that I blatantly stole from Tam today who blatantly borrowed it from Unc:

"In a comment over at Unc's about the pointed questions Obama was asked by Univision reporters regarding Fast & Furious, questions the US media has ignored with a vengeance, Reno Sepulveda wrote:

Yet another example of a Mexican doing a job Americans are unwilling to do."

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Erin,

RE: Koppel's comment on Afghanistan and Iraq bearing borne on the shoulders of a slim fraction of our populace, I STRONGLY recommend Rachel Maddow's "Drift", an extremely thought-provoking look at how the very decision of whether to fight or not has become totally disconnected from the people (us) in whose name the fighting's being done.

O'Reilly's claim that Fox does straight news all day and MSNBC does not has zero basis in fact. Zero.


O'Reilly? "Noble".HAH


Anonymous said...

"being" not "bearing"

Bill said...

English speaking, Christian, Capitalist America. As opposed to what, Randy? Huh? Fill in the blanks America?

twinklysparkles said...

O'Reilly is puke-worthy. What a scumbag. How many pharmaceuticals does it take to make one this self-delusional?

My main squeeze tells me that O'Reilly really believes the shit he is spewing. It boggles my mind, but most of the time I don't have him anywhere near my thoughts. Sick fuck that guy and all of his ilk. He can't even listen to Koppel. He is the worst listener I think I've ever witnessed. His minds reels with a reactionary response at all times. He is an egomaniac and to entertain any viewpoint other than his own seems would let his entire world crumble. He really believes his bullshit.

Denial is a powerful handmaiden for all of us. Try it out on yourself. What are you in denial about? When you point one finger at someone else, you've got three pointing back. It is not always so, but more than we ever like to admit.

The difference is that O'Reilly gets money and strokes for his denial. What a sad and twisted soul. If he were ignored for just one whole day I think he would spontaneously turn to dust.

Why, Erin, why, have you prompted me to such a rant over such an ass? I suppose it is fun so I thank you. And I loved Koppel's calm and intelligence. Damn right.

Erin O'Brien said...

To me, twinks, it's a glass half full/half empty proposition. You can either smolder over O'Reilly's breathtaking assholiness or you can swoon over Koppel's stalwart diatribe.

I guess you can do both, but for me, the kissy kissy at the end clinches it.

Bill said...

Is there anything twinkly and sparkley about that diatribe? Hate and anger is what I pick up. And, we're talking about the host of an opinion program. Ommmm

Erin O'Brien said...

Bill, you are mistaking professional disgust for "hate and anger."

As for O'Reilly, he basically concedes to Koppel at the very end of the clip:

TK: "Once upon a time you and I actually thought journalism was a calling."

BO: "But I still think I'm doing something noble."

The "but" and "still" in that comment completely erase any credibility behind the "noble."

Anonymous said...

Someone once told me that "everything after 'but' is almost always bullshit"

Anonymous said...

News is a business, Koppel admitted as such and it is not even a mild shock. Newspapers and television news are not run at a loss. There is no such thing as news that is not bias, there never has been and there never will be, there is always a slight lean be right or left. I really don’t think that is a problem, if all news was fair, balanced and no bias we would not have ABC,NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, and hundreds of online news services, we would only need one because they would all report exactly the same thing. That is because we are human all have prejudice or leanings, the trick is recognizing that news is really a business, they are selling a product to a target audience. Anyone can cherry pick news items, any poll is suspect unless you know exactly what the question was, who was asked and when they were polled. Opinion shows are just that for the most part, opinions based a view of the news from a preconceived concept. It is kind of like the old question “ have you stopped beating your wife?” The fact that you never beat your wife or you’re not married is not part of the question.

James Old Guy

Michael Lawless said...

Ted telling Bill to kiss it.