Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Of things underestimated

Mom: Are you going to be home in about a half hour?

Humble Hostess: Sure. Why?

M: I'm going to drop off some cherry tomatoes.

HH: Great. We'd love them.

M: It's a lot of cherry tomatoes.

HH: No worries. We'll eat every last one of them.

M: I don't think you understand. It's a whole lot of cherry tomatoes, a whole lot.

HH: There is no such thing as too many tomatoes. We'll eat 'em.

M: I don't think you'll be able to eat all of these. You might want to share them with the neighbors.

HH: Come on, Mom. How many can there be? We'll eat every tomato you bring into this house.

M: We'll see.

The readership is advised that the bags were filled to three or four inches deep.

A person does not anticipate being a Tomato Fairy until a person is obligated to be a Tomato Fairy. A person, however, should not fear said assignment, but instead relish it. Because when a Tomato Fairy goes around the neighborhood delivering bags of darling cherry tomatoes to everyone, that person is generally well received.

Becoming a Tomato Fairy is not the sole benefit of a cherry tomato emergency.

Sliced Vidalia onion, bacon and cherry tomato with mayo on rye.


*  *  *


Joey Bryan said...

we add lettuce and call that a BLOT

Contrary Guy said...

I stopped watering my cherry tomato plant. As shown here, they tend to go crazy in good weather, and I'd rather have the larger ones. But it's all good.

Vince said...

Three years ago I had a glut at the end of the season so I went into pickling. Lots of pickling. That was a mistake. I worked for two days scalding and drying jam-jars. Chopping and dicing tomatoes. And hours drying them somewhat in the oven. They sat on the shelf tieing up space til this March when I tossed them out. All unopened.

Has blogger no other style of anti-bot jpeg picture. This one is getting on my tits.

John Venlet said...

Hey there, Erin.

With all those cherry maters on hand, you should try whipping up Jacques Pepin's Stuffed Pork Tenderloin on Grape Tomatoes recipe. Saw this show the other night, and it looked like a tasty dish.

I know Jacques' used grape maters, but I think it would be just fine with all those cherry maters your Mom gave you.

Anonymous said...

Kimona my house, tomato fairy...


WV: 'esuchje'-'esuchje shame to waste fresh tomatoes'...

Anonymous said...

I just *ordered* Mrs MR to go to the store for lettuce and fresh bread...Thanks for inspiring dinner!


DogsDontPurr said...

Maybe you should set up a tomato stand in front of your house! Heck, you could even sell BLT's on the side!

Lord Basil said...

Your use of the word "cherry" rhymes with "fairy," and it leads me to suspect that you are subliminally and stealthily promoting lesbian homosexuality on this blog.

Erin O'Brien said...

Hi gang. Will check out that recipe, John.

Now for an offering for the Lord.

Anonymous said...

@ Erin....*for* the Lord or *from* the Lord? And Ms Middle is the only one in keeping with the motif of 'cherry' tomatoes-the other two are heirlooms...