Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Walnut Wednesday

Walnut Wednesday is this totally fly weekly gig (Wednesday) when all the coolio food trucks in Clevo gather on this tiny street (Walnut) and sell their eats.

Everybody comes down to chow and get their face rocked off.

Hot sauce out the wazoo and I love it.

Quit hammin' for the cam, Goat, and get me a sam-sam.

I'll have a Cuban and some homemade chips, please.


Chillin' in the adjacent park to live music.

You bet your ass he's got ribs, baby.

Okay, already! I believe you. Mebbe I'll try 'em next time.

No one's in a bad mood at Walnut Wednesday.

Lookin' sharp!

Dude, I told you to get there early. The trucks always sell out.

Time to get back to work. See you next week!

*  *  *


Anonymous said...

Of course, "Hot sauce out the wazoo."
I'm pretty sure June Carter wrote "Ring of Fire" for Johnny Cash after wing night.


Yabu said...

I went to a Tea Party gathering not long ago, just because I could. The Left was on one side of the street, the right was on the other, and the police were in the middle. The Left was really rowdy...pushing, shoving, cussing, and being a genuine pain in the ass. I saw these young occupier types shoving older woman around. The police had to get involved to keep someone from getting hurt. Arrests were made. I saw a anti-Tea Party young woman shove an older lady to the ground. I saw what was about to happen, but I couldn't get there quick enough to stop it. Neither could the police. The last time I saw the young lady who threw the older lady to the ground, she was in the back of a police cruiser. This girl didn't look like she was old enough to vote. In the end, no one from the Right side was arrested, many from the Left side were. That's just the plain damn truth.

Anyway, this comment is not about Right or is about food trucks. I do sho nuff loves me a food truck. There were many there, so I ate lunch twice. Food trucks...what a great idea. Even around here in my little town, they're coming on strong. Heck, the Juju Woman and I visited a truck for lunch today. Damn good is all I can say. Really good. I was digging it, and there were no foul mouths like the Left . I have no problem with PROTESTING, but the protesters need to fully understand what they're protesting. Apparently, most don't. You know, I do know, and you can correct me if you believe I'm wrong...but the young Left has no clue compared to the young Right. There is a huge difference between a difference of opinion, and not having a understanding of an opinion.

The bottom line: I need a food truck. I love 'em. Whoever came up with that idea (years ago) , deserves a medal of some sort. Have a good night!

The real bottom line is: if the people cannot agree on what is best for all, nothing will ever get done. That is a fact. The Left is wrong, the Right is wrong, but we must agree to agree on matters of food trucks.

Just sayin'

Erin O'Brien said...

MR: puhlEEEEZ!

You know, Yabu, everyone's got a camera in their pocket these days. What city was this Tea Party event in? What was the date? I'm pretty sure we could find some blogs or photos of this violence without much trouble.

Maybe you took some photos or video. Have any links of your own to share?

Now then, when the Tea Party Express came to a neighboring town, I went there too--just because I could. I stayed from the beginning of the rally to the end.

Here's my coverage.

And since we're playing show 'n tell, here are my notes/photos/vids of Occupy Cleveland.

The Goat and I shared a sandwich that came from a food truck on the left of the street--or the right, depending on your approach. Our ice creams cones came from a truck that was parked crossways in the middle of the street. Everything was delicious.

Anonymous said...

blahblahbloo. yabbadabba bolshevik torture babies. yaddayaddayadda baader-meinhof gang. yip, yipe, yeep, Castro. brrrrrppp right to arm and keep bears bla bla bla yabba dabba doo
So I killed the grizzly bear with my bare hands and the Mongolian BBQ truck made it the special for next Wednesday.


Erin O'Brien said...

One binary BBQ bear sandwich, please.

Anonymous said...


Second to EO'B. Pics or it didn't happen. I took my 13 yo daughter to Occupy Nashville. The only people shoving were the Tennessee State Troopers.

I know what's going on. Given your statements like the right young are more aware than the left yound you clearly don't. Quit pretending you do. You might get away with that at Free Republic. It won't happen here. Capitalism plus Representative Democracy as it is now manifest in the USA is organized crime. Rebut that Einstein.

BTW- What was your name again? I seem to remeber you commenting that you wouldn't respond to an anonymous commenter.
I'm Randy Johnson.


Bill said...


Anonymous said...

For clarification. Capitalism plus Representative Democracy as it is now manifest in the USA is organized crime. This is what the Occupy movement is about. The system in the US benefits 1% and rips off everyone else. There was no misunderstanding about that among occupiers it was THE RIGHT that developed the narrative they don't even know what they are protesting.

Post Script: Yes I know this is a Cleveland Food Truck posting. Looks like a fine way to spend an afternoon. I'm putting on my saffron robes and heading for mountain meta-comment retreat. You guys have fun dealing with the trolls. I'm over it.

Randy Johnson

Bill said...

If there is a God, Obama's free internet service has not yet made it to the mountain meta-comment retreat.

Bill said...

I can't even begin to tell you how good it is to be one of the lucky 31 million Americans. I still don't know how I was chosen. I'm sorry if the rest of you were ripped off.

Yabu said...


It was in Raleigh, NC, and I might have some pictures somewhere, but not of the shoving. I was too busy trying to support my dog, Stretch, who was with me.

Let's get one thing straight here, I don't make shit up. I DO NOT make shit up. DO NOT, period. The fact is the Lefties started it. From the outside looking in, it appears the Left hates the Right. There is no happy medium. If you want to abandon our international allies, go for it. If you want higher taxes, go for it. You do have a vote. Vote your conscience. I choose to vote on the opposite side of the occupier dirtbags. If you want higher taxes, vote left. If you want the government to have more control of your life, vote left. If you hate guns, vote left. Vote however you want, but do vote. In the end, everyone has an equal say, and we need to keep it that way.

If you believe for one second that the socialization of America is a good thing, you don't understand reality.

Erin O'Brien said...

Yabu, Any arrests made at a Tea Party in Raleigh, NC, were surely in the news somewhere. I would love to see a link detailing the events you've recounted.

After all, the very idea of footage of a punky-looking kid in a peace tee shirt pushing around a kindly old lady in an Uncle Sam sweater is the sort of stuff that gives Sean Hannity a spontaneous erection.

Anonymous said...


Umm, it must have been a pretty minor riot because there doesn't seem to be any press coverage in any North Carolina media of any TP-related disorders or disturbances of any kind dating back to March 2009, which is pretty much the beginning of Dissonance Outrage/Unitary Contagion-Hypertensive Explosiveness, AKA TEA-party DOUCHE disorder.

Yabba Dabba Yabu, given your previous gun fetish/grizzly bear/paranoid delusional ramblings, I'd be almost willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you really believe your stories.

But not really. You're just full of fucking shit.

But hey, give thanks for the Internet. Back in the day, your talents would be relegated to making prank phone calls.

Michael Robeson

Anonymous said...

PS, yabba-dabba, it's telling your imaginary dog is called "Stretch". Does your imaginary cat, "Skizzo", play with a 'yarn' ball?


Hal said...

Food trucks ROOL!

Anonymous said...

Yabu-dabba doo? Where are you?

Grizzly bear got your tongue, err...keyboard?