Friday, June 08, 2012

Hottest, newest, hippest, coolest

This week's Fresh Water features a story on a brand new hostel that's slated to open later this month in a very old neighborhood. Ohio City is one of the oldest--and trendiest--parts of Cleveland. The article speaks for itself, but I must say, dear readership, that this project impressed me to the core. Global travelers will be clamoring to get into this place as soon as the doors open.

Construction was buzzing mightily when I visited Cleveland Hostel to interview proprietor Mark Raymond last month, but I took some pix nonetheless. The interior hostel shots are interspersed with pix of the surrounding area.

Go Cleveland!  

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John Venlet said...

Erin, I like the mural, with its kaleidoscope blend of mostly primary colors, 'cause its about the only art that I could do.

What's behind that self reflecting window in which your visage appears? Some sorta secret club house or what?

Erin O'Brien said...

I have no idea if this link will work (damn google), but here is the front of the "kaleidoscope" building. It's a crazy glass blowing shop.

The window is probably inside the back stairwell that leads to the hostel's rooftop patio--the same stairwell you see in pic two.

John Venlet said...

That is some funky storefront. "Public Welcome" - Who wouldn't be drawn into that funkyness?

Anonymous said...

Thai food and a cheap place to sleep, what more does one need?
3.5 years to nomad. If it takes me more than 15 minutes to pack I've got too much stuff.


Unknown said...

The neighborhood is familiar, Erin, as I and about a dozen of my fellow peace mongers gather behind the WSM every Saturday morning from 11 'til noon, then lunch and kibbutz at Koffie's Kafe on Market Street across from the Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Lou Pumphrey

Bill said...

I wish Mr Raymond well in his first for profit venture. Seems like a tough business.

Bill said...

"Thai food and a cheap place to sleep, what more does one need? RJ

If you're sleeping in the same room with a bunch of strangers, you're hoping they haven't been chowing down on Thai food.

Anonymous said...

Erin, I like the new pic...captures you pretty well I think-MR

glittergirl said...

I work in this neighborhood (down on the Superior Viaduct). I'm an east side girl, so I feel lucky to get to explore the exotic west side. The neighborhood around the WSM is so full of amazing restaurants & unique shops.

The days I get to try some new food (chicken paprikash soup that will blow your mind), a new drink (moscow mule is my new favorite summer drink), a new shop (like the place that sells strange spices) I feel so lucky!

And the people, the people are passionate about their art, their meals, their lives.

So yeah, I LOVE the west side. I'm a total convert.

Erin O'Brien said...

GG: you and I get it. You have to know the soul of this place to get it. HELL YEAH!