Friday, May 04, 2012

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WKYC's newsroom

The articles I write for Fresh Water take me all over town. I meet the most interesting people and go to the coolest places. This week's edition is no exception. It features my profile of Russ Mitchell, a long-time CBS national anchor and correspondent who is now the head anchor and managing editor for the local NBC affiliate, WKYC.

It was a thrill to meet Russ. That he is completely approachable made it that much better.

WKYC's lobby
I went to WKYC's studio for the interview. The space is absolutely beautiful. The expansive news room took my breath away. The sound stage looked like something out of Star Wars (I sat in while Russ and co-anchor Kris Pickel taped a couple of promo clips). The cameras freaked me out. They are unmanned and move around like that weird robot from Lost in Space.

No, none of the robot cams came up to me and waved it's robot arms and said, Danger Erin O'Brien! in a robot voice, but they were something to watch. A group of technicians controlled them from a computer bank at the rear of the set.

 Didn't I tell you that I get to go to the coolest places?

Anyway, here's the article. Welcome Russ and thanks to you as well as WKYC for being so accommodating. I had a ball.

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And now for a little bit of Russ in the flesh as he dishes with Walter Cronkite back in 2000:

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Anonymous said...

Very nice article--thanks!

Bill said...

Report the facts. Respect the truth. And this is an NBC affiliate?

It is a good ariticle, Erin. I learned that everyone agrees that the Cleveland shcools is a major news story. I also learned that Russ gets pissed off when the media is criticized. You have free parking at the malls there? You think New Yorkers can relate to the rest of us? Is there an oil rig anywhere near where Russ will be living? Do you get comments from the local readers there? Thanks.