Friday, April 13, 2012


Dear Man in the Moon,

If I could jump into cartoon land, I'd be Betty Boop. I'd lasso you and pull you right down here. You would flail and buck as I struggled with the rope, but your frightened look would melt away when I came into view, catching my breath and batting my eyelashes. Your crazy moon face would split into a toothy grin. Then I'd kiss you just so.

I don't think you're made out of cheese.

All those guys can shoot their rockets and drive around in their lunar rovers and take their samples. They can scrutinize and chart, peer through their telescopes and scratch their chins. I don't care. I know better.

I love you.

You go on and take care of moon business up there. I'll take care of Erin business down here. We can meet in the middle when the stars align properly and when they don't, no worries.

I can wait.

*  *  *


Tony Rugare said...

Betty Boop was my favorite cartoon character. You would be a perfect Betty Boop.

Erin O'Brien said...

I want to be loved by you a-LOW-OH-own!

lucy beckett 1935 said...

While I am also a big Betty Boop fan, right now I'm a much bigger fan of Erin O'Brien! I am also in love with the moon, although you got first dibs. Once Dick and I attended a party at the O'Brien's home (nothing unusual there). It was a New Year's Eve party, and it happened to be the night of a Blue Moon. We went out into the cold at midnight, and, without thinking, I began howling at that big old gorgeous full moon. It brought out something quite primal in me and it felt good! Thank you, dear Erin, for bringing back that happy memory!

Bill said...

That's pretty cool, lucy beckett 1935.

Anonymous said...

Erin, this reminds me of a William Blake engraving from one of his 'illuminated books'-caption "I Want! I Want!"


Anonymous said...

Would you kindly post a link to where you found this sublime illustration?


WV: "crowe"-Hotel desk clerk slang for "asshole" ex., "I was having a great shift and then some crowe threw a phone at the concierge desk clerk"

Erin O'Brien said...

MR, why do you always ask questions about the images that I've had laying around forever and the ones, for one reason or another, I've decided not to include in my otherwise meticulous catalog system?

Why, it's uncanny, old chap!

I think this came from here, but I am so not sure. You can amble through the archives on your own, which ain't a bad prospect. A warning though: gems like this might slow you down.

Erin O'Brien said...

... and forgot to say: Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Re your "this" link..."You'll put your eye out, kid!"

Have you ever gone to the "Boobseum" web site? It's right up your alley...

Remembering your 'mixtape' post of the not-too-distant past, I am today the proud owner of an electrical device endorsed by the Underwriter's Laboratory which will translate the music embedded in the grooves of my still-somewhat-impressive collection of vinyl disc-shaped objects and translate it to a digital storage device that the kids today call a "CD".

The mixtape is BACK, bay-bee!



glittermom said...

Are we sure that isn't "woman in the moon"?

Anonymous said...

Re your "this" link: "You'll put your eye out kid".
On a semi-related note, have you ever visited the "Boobseum" site? Right up your alley, I think...