Friday, January 20, 2012

The National City Bank Building

For this week's fresh water, I've written a story about Rosetta, a cutting edge marketing company.

What sets Rosetta's Cleveland office apart is that last year, it eschewed it's suburban digs and now calls the downtown National City Bank Building home. The structure hails back to the 1890's, when architects Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge designed the original building, part of which is now occupied by a Holiday Inn Express (ughville on the awning, dudes). A major addition about 30 years later makes the NCB sort of an odd historic complex, stretching around the block bordered by Euclid Ave., E. 6th St. and Short Vincent.

Here are some pix, taken in and around the building. For the record, Rosetta's offices are far above all of this. You can see their posh penthouse lounge peeking from the rear of the complex in the last pic in this series. Hop over to the article to see my buddy Bob Perkoski's pix of Rosetta's sleek offices.

For more of downtown Cleveland's architectural eye candy, here are three don't-miss clicks: the Huntington Bank Building, the Cleveland Public Library's Main Branch and the Cuyahoga County Court House.

~~Loves Cleveland~~

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Ms Amanda said...

Cleveland had never crossed my mind until I started reading your blog. Now I have a little Cleveland shaped itch I can't seem to scratch. The love you have for your town makes me want to come see it through your lense.
Or, the most likely option, troll the internet to look at pictures since I don't care so much for traveling...

Anonymous said...

As a well trained denizen of "The Owners Manual" I dutifully clicked on the links to the article. Once there however my eyes stayed for the sex:

"a joyful tech rose blooming vibrantly in the center of the rust belt." (I would of thought EOB would have said "slightly below the belt" but a minor detail)


[Insert jpg of Naked Man frieze from facade here]

BTW, I gotta get me some them dark rimmed glasses. What you reckon they'd charge to brand me as a babe magnet?


Erin O'Brien said...

Ms. Amanda, you're no troll!

RJ: You became a babe magnet as soon as you said, "reckon."

I was only able to post ceiling pix of the bank-proper (and how glad am I that PNC still uses the main bank floor as an active bank?). A bank-lady came up to me and put the ibosh-kay on the oto-phays, so there you go--security or some such thing.

As for downtown architecture, I haven't even started on the ArcadeThe Arcade or Tower City.

Kirk said...

I had to look at last picture twice. For a second I thought the "Do not park here" sign was painted on the side of the building.

The Twisted Tine said..., the guy has an Air Hockey table in his offices? That is awesome, and I am exceedingly jealous.

I love the look of that building.