Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seven roses for 60 minutes

Hey 60 Minutes, saw the segment you did last week on Cleveland's foreclosure troubles. You probably took a ride through Slavic Village, one of our oldest and most foreclosed neighborhoods.

Iffin' you and the crew pass through again, you boys take a break from filming torn and frayed houses and go on into Seven Roses Deli. It's smack in the middle of ForeclosureLand--right on the corner of Fleet and E. 63rd.

Up front you've got your deli.

You're talking your homemade Polish sausages and bakery--old school from the bottom up.

You might run into someone you know. I did.

The walls are lined with imported European stuff. You won't know what any of it is, but you'll want to buy some anyway (go ahead).

The big secret--one of Cleveland's biggest in fact--is in the dining room in back.

Slow-cooked kielbasi and sauerkraut? Check. Cabbage and noodles? We've got that. Homemade mashed potato and stuffed cabbage? No problem.

Does your Leslie Stahl ever whip up a batch of old world potato pancakes for the crew? I didn't think so. You come to Seven Roses? You get some potato pancakes? You will be so down. And all of it is every bit as good as it's cracked up to be. No surprise there, you can hear the kitchen crew yammering in Polish every time the door swings open.

After all that you can call it a wrap with a few butter cookies and a square of poppy seed pound cake. HELL YEAH.

The bathroom's cool, but watch out for dubious characters.

Look at this banquet room! Plenty of room for Morley Safer to belly up with Steve Kroft. What the hell--bring Anderson Cooper and that Byron Pitts guy as well.

I don't think the fancy plates are for sale ...

... but you could pick up some candy for Lara Logan.

No, Mike Wallace, none of the presents are marked for you.

So that's the skinny on Seven Roses, 60 Minutes. This town might have it's problems, but our heart's still beating, even where the fabric's worn thinnest.

Sometimes I think that's where it beats truest.

* * *


Big Mark 243 said...

I love you EOB. You make a fine, fine spokesperson for Cleveland. I admire the stuff of all the Rust Belt cities around the Great Lakes.

We used to have a 'Say Nice Things About Detroit' campaign back in the early 80's... from my trips through Cleveland I felt people should have been saying nice thing about it... and they should now with your article and photos as the centerpiece of the ads..!

Tony Rugare said...

Bravo! Great piece.

John Venlet said...

Erin, when I saw the blurb for the show you mention here, which highlighted the segment you note, I wondered if you would be watching. You were.

Thanks for the primer on Seven Roses.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I never heard of SEVEN ROSES, but gotta get there.
Parma Heights grandma

DogsDontPurr said...

I love places like this. They just have so much character and history.

And of course, the way you write about these places is always as rich with character as the places themselves. Love it!

Anonymous said...

The estimable James Rokakis acquitted himself quite nicely during the broadcast. He is one of the finest public servants Cuyahoga county has ever produced. One of a handful of politicians, by the way, that I have ever voted for with true enthusiasm.

Carolyn said...

We have lived on the fringe of Slavic Village for many years. Seven Roses Deli is a staple for my Slovac boyfriend. He loves to stop to pick up fresh kielbasa. We have taken family there for lunch, and love the cabbage and noodles. I loved this piece, and am sorry I missed the "60 Minutes" segment. Thanks to Connie Schultz for posting this on Facebook!

Craig Hughes said...

Erin, Polish Hill in the 'burgh is so similar. This is where I think the money goes into the wrong areas. Small business is being screwed due to regulations on employee benefits, taxes on taxes, etc. and that's what causes neighborhood business districts to fail. The old days of Walmart being the culprit are long gone, it's government that is now the culprit in areas not reliant on the welfare dollar.

sami said...

What a wonderful presentation Erin!

twinkly sparkles said...

I remember driving over there from Kent a few times. Not to the 7 Roses I don't think, but I do remember knishes from somewhere, mouth-wateringly delicious potato knishes.

I think you should send this piece to the 60 minutes people. I did not see the episode, but I don't think I need to.

Big Mark, are you from Detroit? I was born there and lived there until I was 7. Long time ago, different times. But I don't meet many people who are from Detroit or even the greater Detroit area. We moved to Ohio (Toledo) from Farmington Mich when I was 9.

Great post, Erin. I love it.

Anonymous said...

*Solstice Poem*

Happy Saturnalia

The longest night avail ya

Viagra seldom fails ya

Work your genitalia!


Chris "Chicken Wing" Quigley said...

I will have to check Seven Roses out next time I am in your fair city, and I liked Cleveland so much that I will definitely be back!

Anonymous said...

Terrific post - just the right attitude. Thx for introducing us to Seven Roses. We went there yesterday for late lunch - the mushroom soup was excellent, and I couldn't stop myself from getting seconds at the buffet. Loved the imported candies. The staff were gracious, and helped us pick from the many meats & sausages. One thing to note: cash only.
Eric Karolak, Olmsted Falls

Anonymous said...

So I'm driving to work this morning and, being a devout liberal, I'm listening to Morning Edition on NPR and it is reported 1. A major corruption trial is starting in Cleveland today and 2. Obama is speaking in "a Cleveland suburb." I mean have the Illuminati relocated to Cuyahoga County or what?

I'll be expecting photos.