Sunday, December 04, 2011

Occupy Cleveland, Dec. 3 2011

Humble Hostess: Hey.

Occupier: Hey.

HH: Glad to see you guys are still here.

O: Thanks.

HH: How's it going?

O: Okay. Want to sign our petition?

HH: Dunno. What's it for?

O: To end greed.

HH: To end greed?

O: Yeah. To end greed.

HH: Sure. I'll sign a petition to end greed. Where is it?

O: Where is what?

HH: The petition.

O: Over there.

HH: On the table?

O: No. Hanging up. (points) On the fence.

HH: The sign?

O: Yeah, the sign. (proffers magic marker) Here.

HH: Thanks.


Nin Andrews said...

They're still there? Brrr.

twinkly sparkles said...

Is the wv game a common game? Why haven't I known it for so long? Is it passe? Is it low-brow?

I like the game and I like that it is played on your comment sections.

Should I consider blogs which don't allow comments with the wv game below me?

Thanks, Erin. Just trying to keep up. There are some comment sections I want to occupy.

Erin O'Brien said...

Yup, still there. Good on 'em.

Twinks, occupy away. I'm glad to have ya!

philbilly said...

Occupy the Vote

Bill said...

How about that "Give More" sign. Greedy bastards!

philbilly said...

Americans Elect won't identify their funding. Which means their "revolution" is bullshit.

alphadog said...

At what point does the envy of the occupiers become greed? If they weren't greedy in their own right, they wouldn't be envious of that which they have not.

WV: almost too damn long to decipher. WTF O'Brien? Different qualifications for different mindsets?

Anonymous said...

Reince Priebus.


Bill said...

It may be presumptuos of me but, I don't believe, for one minute that, even though she is high fiving the occupiers, Erin would ever spend even one night in one of those occupy (homeless) camps. EVER. Encouraging those hapless hippies is sort of like voting for William Hung. Cruel, in a way.

Erin O'Brien said...

Yes Bill, it is presumptuous of you.

Would I leave my kitchen from which a host of delicious odors emanate, my giant couch and my peeps to prove you wrong? No.

Then again, if I were 25, unemployed, full up with college loan debt and out of options, proving you wrong would have very little to do with it.

As it stands, I'm sort of disgusted with myself for not taking a bag of bagels down there for them.

twinkly sparkles said...

I can TOTALLY see Erin at an OWS camp. Never say never:

Just add the Galloping Gourmet and a naked Yul Brynner. Am I right?

Did someone say hung?

Bill said...

Would it be presumptuous of me to invite myslef over to try out that couch, Erin?

Kirk said...

Americans Elect is the brainchild of some hedge fund manager.

I thought I left a comment yesterday on this post, but I see it's not here. It wasn't particularly offensive, so maybe it was just a computer screw-up. I'll try again.

Instead of "End Greed" which doesn't seem particularly realistic, how about "End the disproportanist influence the financial sector (including hedge fund managers) have on public policy" That doesn't involve any kind of jealously the have-nots may have for the haves. It's just make sense. And it's a lot more democratic.

Craig Hughes said...

Being the father of two teenagers, one going on to college next year, I find this all fascinating. I am also very aware of many, yes many technical or shall we say highly skilled trade professions that are begging for people. However the young today want to grab that $50K a year job after four years of college rather than invest 6 or 8 years of work and skill training to make the same amount. It's a little dirtier and not as glamourous but as you move up the money can be very good. No interest from my youngun's or any I've even broached it too. So do your homework about your profession before you borrow thousands for a degree not particularly needed.

Al The Retired Army Guy said...

I'd help Erin make some food and take it down to an occupy site in a heartbeat. I'd still charge them for it, though .... ;-) Wouldn't want them coming to my house and demanding to use my bathroom, after all .... ;-)


twinkly sparkles said...

You have the rockinest comment threads I have ever read.

Long live the O'Brien!

DogsDontPurr said...

I think I find myself somewhere in the middle. Does that make me the 50 percent? I dunno, my mind goes blank when I try to think about all this.

I read today that a little group had started an "Occupy Astoria" march in my little teeny hometown in Oregon (I now live in L.A., as you know). It cracked me up. Not because I am against the idea, but it just seemed a lot too little, and a little too late: "Occupy This" has become a bit of a joke. And I know some of the characters that took part in the "march." ->Insert eye roll here. ;-)

Then I went to work, and my boss told me about the article she wrote supporting the one percent. (Insert another eye roll.)

Your original post/video about this, really did the whole thing justice...good and bad.

And this post also, puts the icing with pepper sprinkles on the cupcake.

WV: undes
Always make sure you're wearing clean undes!

Erin O'Brien said...

I'm trying to keep up, I really am, but a person can only do so much.


I don't have the time to properly link this and get all the particulars, but make no mistake--there are tens of thousands of jobs in CLE for peeps who are qualified. You're looking at jobs for writing computer code, for medical technician jobs and other tech jobs.

Companies are screaming for qualified people--and doing whatever they can to get them to come from overseas via work Visas because our young peeps are fresh out of college with a worthless $100K degree in business.

I so hate to say this, but you can't grow up and be whatever you want to be in America anymore.

Kirk--no idea what happened. There was nothing in my spam folder. Sorry about that. Thanks for reposting.

Anonymous said...

@ Dogsdon'tpurr
As to "Occupy This" becoming a joke, link to Occupy Cleveland for an action the group took to stave off a foreclosure on an abandoned mother of two...they took their tents to her home and the bank gave an extension...this will evolve, these people and these ideas aren't going away...

Bill said...

Oh my God! An abandoned mother of two being forclosed on? Are you sure she doesn't suffer from fibromyagia too? Thank you, Jesus, for the tent dwellers!

Erin O'Brien said...

Welcome, Monsieur the Marquis and thank you for the handful of tossed coins! May I please use your discarded kerchief to sop up spilt wine from the dusty cobbled street?

Bill said...

We do it for the children.

Anonymous said...

Free Henry F. Potter!

Boycott "It's A Wonderful Life."


Anonymous said...

What Greed?

Bloomberg reports 7.7 trillion in loans to big banks and Wall Street.

Interest on the Federal loans was at an amazing 0.01%.

Banks made 13 Billion on the spread. (Loaning money given them for "Free")

Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks $13 Billion Undisclosed ... - Bloomberg


Anonymous said...

What Greed?

29 dead, no one in jail.

Mine Owner to Pay $200 Million in Explosion
The owner of a West Virginia mine, where an explosion in 2010 killed 29 men, will pay to settle an investigation.

NY Times Online 12/6/11


Anonymous said...

What Greed?

BP accuses Halliburton of destroying evidence in Gulf oil spill case.

Washinton Post Online 12/6/11

George Bailey, Bedford Falls

Anonymous said...

In re: Banks.

B. Bernanke writes letter stating Bloomberg, et al have "wildly inflated figures." Loan was ONLY (emphasis added)1.5 trillion.
(Forbes online 12/6/11)

George Bailey,
Lapdog of Marx

Anonymous said...

@ RJ-I read some details on the mine settlement. It comes to a little less than $1.6 mil/family. Less than Newton got for giving Freddie Mac 'historical overview'.

philbilly said...

@Craig Hughes +++1

Just saw an ad for a dealership auto tech with a $3000 signing bonus. It's getting desperate out there for technical employers.

I adopted a policy of not hiring under the age of 50. Got a retired ironworker who is a freakin' hurricane of productivity, and fun to bullshit with at lunch.

We lifted some seriously heavy shit yesterday. Both of us have had herniated discs in the past, we used our brains this time.

Physics is your friend.

Two bulls, one old, one young, are at the top of a hill looking down upon a herd of cows. The young one says" Let's run down there and screw us one of them cows!" The old one says, "Let's walk down there and screw 'em all."

alphadog said...

@ philbilly
The old bull/young bull is a philosophy for life and was instilled in me by one of my mentors many years ago. I try and abide by it every day.

Anonymous said...

Bovine Physics. Have they figured out Quantum Gravity yet?


WV: "dedope". "That question makes me think RJ is smoking dedope."

Craig Hughes said...

I think every high school should have a mandatory set of classes in education vs. opportunities, family economics and home brewing. In this way when you chart your life's realities compared to your expectations you have something to drink while you contemplate the discrepancies.

philbilly said...

My first day as a full time paid race car mechanic, I show up on time at 6am. The boss tells me to set up the milling machine. I say "OK" and speed off at a brisk pace to do so. He calls me back and asks me what I'm doing. "Going to set up the mill."
"Listen son, we're going to be here till at least midnight, every day, including Sundays, in order to be ready for Toronto. You try to move at that pace, you'll drop dead by tommorrow. Relax."

@Craig Hughes+++1

Erin O'Brien said...

Sorry for the delay in posting, Phil. I didn't realize the comment was caught up in the spam folder.

philbilly said...

This would not be the first time I have been bogged down by Spam.

alphadog said...

It's a shame to quash youthful enthusiasm, but when I finally learned to work smarter and not harder it made for a much more pleasurable experience.

Erin O'Brien said...

spam or Spam?

him or Ham?

jim or Jam?

Wham bam that Sam I am.