Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween triage

--The first bag that goes is the Starburst.

--The second is the Reese's.

--The third is the Kit Kat (although it's pretty hard to decide between Reese's and Kit Kat).

--Next out is the bag of Take 5.

--The last ones out are the Butterfinger Crisp.

For what it's worth, I still hand out cold Dad pops.

* * *


Anonymous said...

Directions to The Tower please. (It won't come up on Mapquest)


P.S. Trick or Treat!

Matt Conlon said...

What's a cold Dad Pop?

We bought our candy way too early this year, then we had to buy more... Then we had are halloween party a few days ago, and no one ate any.

Go me!

Erin O'Brien said...

That'd be a cold beer, Matt.

An experienced candy-hander-outer like me can usually spy the dads that will be receptive to such an offer. Good indications that a dad will want a Halloween dad pop are the presence of about 15 screaming meemies orbiting around them and a look of nameless dread.

I'm old-school, people. Old, old school.

Matt Conlon said...

Hah! That's excellent, I was way off, since out here in NE, the term "pop" is only for things like lollypops or popsicles. I was thinking something like a sugar daddy, or maybe even a Charlston Chew, since my dad liked those out of the freezer...

I commend you on your good will toward us dads. :)

Erin said...

And I thought the house with the Capri Suns was the "good" house! ;)

Nin Andrews said...

Oh man, I remember my dad used to hand out raisin crackers. I mean, okay, we lived on a farm and by the time any poor kids made it to our door--down a long dirt road laced with cow shit, they were tired and freaked, so my dad would give them these god-awful raisin things, and then drive them back to the burbs. These days they would have been more scared of him, I guess, who would have a cocktail glass in hand . . . and the car smelling of whatever animal was last taken to the vet and had puked in it or . . .
Oh what a life.

Anonymous said...

Hillbilly Halloween Update:

Unscientific Poll (In the abscence of Starburst...SO SUE ME!)

1. Kit Kat


3.Nestle Cruch.

Also Favorite of Old Fart who was handing out candy and REQUIRING lil bastards that seemed struck mute when the door opened to say "Trick or Treat" prior to receiving candy (otherwise they're just looking for handouts. Wtf I look like a commie?)