Monday, September 12, 2011


Running on empty.

Running for office.

A run in your stockings.

A run for your money.

Running water.

Running away.

(Dancing madly backwards?)

Runny nose.

Runny eggs.

A dry run.

A good run.

A bad run.

A 5-mile run.

A run-on sentence.

Run along.

(Carpe diem?) 

Gotta run.

* * *


Big Mark 243 said...

This was a run of great ideas..! Cool post.!!

twinkly sparkles said...

run your mouth off

got the runs (eww!)

running on fumes

Yesterday was hard. I certainly didn't know what to say about it without going quickly to the negative.

6:34 am, hunh? That's when I get up on school days. Were you up writing this before then?


Tony Rugare said...

Run it up the flagpole

End run

Bill said...

Looks like Monica Lewinsky, running late.

Anonymous said...

Running commentary......

Leslie Morgan said...

Ha! Gotta run.

Ms Amanda said...

A good run of bad luck

Anonymous said...

running a tab

ben said...

Run amok.

(the little buggers are fast)

Anonymous said...


alphadog said...

Run the table
Run to mama
Run the gamut
Running the gauntlet
Fuck me running

Kirk said...

Tramps like us,
Baby, we were born to run.

Run, Joe, Run (1970s Saturday morning live-action TV show about a dog)

I'd recognize Betty Boop's gams anywhere.

philbilly said...

Run hard.
Run hot.
Run down.
Cool running.

Run-DMC +1
Best show I've ever been to, after the Who in '67:
RUN-DMC with De La Soul at Peabody's Down Under, sometime during the fog of the 90's.

Isa said...

Chicken run?

Anonymous said...

Running out of ideas...

wv: 'sendol'-sendol complaints or criticisms to 1-800-EAT-SHIT

Bill said...

Running for President:

Elisson said...

If your nose runs and your feet smell...'re built upside-down.

rraine said...

run down.
run for your life.
run in.
run the table. (it's vegas, baby.)

Bill said...

Gun Running


twinkly sparkles said...

Fuck me running? Really? I have never heard that one. Help.

What about the song "Run, Joey, Run?"

You know, that one about the girl dating the boy who her dad hated. I think they revived it for "Glee" but I've never seen "Glee."

fun post, as usual, Erin (well, not that they're all fun, but the fun ones are really fun)

alphadog said...

Yeah Twink, really.
Guess you just don't run with the right crowd.
It is of course an expression of exasperation. Feel free to use it at your next PTA meeting.

Anonymous said...

Bill@8:46-a very good profile about Mr.Issa by Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker-he's a local(NE Ohio)boy with a fascinating past...

Anonymous said...

Other variations: "FUCK me hard!"-it's important to really bark out that first syllable-or
"Take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut"-a kiss-off

twinkly sparkles said...

alpha, I have a parent meeting tomorrow night as a matter of fact and I've been pretty exasperated lately (and it's only the second week of school!) so perhaps I can employ it.

I know all about "fuck me hard."

But we're not using expressions with fuck in them, are we? I thought this was about running but if I'm wrong, fuck me silly!

Anonymous said...

@twinkly-yes, I went on a tangent, but I decided to run with it...MR

Erin O'Brien said...

"Honey! The toilet's running again!"

alphadog said...

Go for it Twink. If nothing else, perhaps the teacher will appreciate the provincial colloquialism of it. I will caution you however, it is not well received in most courts of law.

Bill said...

Runaround Sue
a girl that I once knew

Leslie Morgan said...

Hey, I thought we were running the word running. I see everyone began to have fun when I left the room. OK, so my favorite, not used very often so it stays fresh: "Fuck me to tears". Used as an axclamation of surprise, disgust, or really anything I want it to be. Sorry, to any delicate readers. Sometimes hard words are the most effective.

WV-tenis. Can anyone do anything with that?

Erin O'Brien said...

Oh, I can do something with it. Believe. You. Me.

The O'Brien knows how to handle a tenis.

Anonymous said...

@ Leslie-you really CAN go either way with that one-pun intended-can't you?
Erin-the club pro had a gigolo gig on the side-it was a tenis racket...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...with this crowd I'm surprised nobody's gotten hurt running with scissors yet...

philbilly said...

Running for cover.

As in; Upper level goons at the BATFE are running for cover after Fast and Furious.

Sieze their weapons and arrest them. They are at least complicit in the murder of Agent Brian Terry. The right to bear arms carries with it the responsibility of abiding by the law at all times. The contempt for citizens, US and Mexican alike, in this case is appalling. The fact is that Mexico is a failed state.

Jack Cluth said...

Which reminds's time for me to go for a run.... ;-)