Thursday, September 08, 2011

The great eight debate

Three nuggets from Michael Scherer's brilliant debate summary: What You Missed While Not Watching Last Night’s Reagan Library Debate for TIME.

Talk turns to teenage girls and cancer of the cervix, which is a historic first for a presidential debate.

Gingrich says legal immigration documentation should be handled by "American Express, Visa, and MasterCard, so there’s no counterfeiting, which there will be with the federal government."

Paul reveals new levels of paranoia, saying that he worries a southern border fence could be used to keep Americans from fleeing to Mexico in an emergency. "Every time you think of [a] fence keeping all those bad people out, think about those fences maybe being used against us, keeping us in," he says. He also wants to end federal restrictions on drug use. Totally unrelated.

Go America!

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Anonymous said...

I do think Obama watches these debates and thinks, "Hmm... Can we unload the condo in Chicago by 2017?"

With the exception of two GOP candidates, most of them are cupie dolls for the Tea Party, which means they're unelectable when offered up to the general population.

But then there's still time. I once read the Constitution in about 20 minutes, including all the amendments. Bachmann might actually find time to do that between now and next summer.

Anonymous said...

I heard Ron Paul was there. WJM

Once Known as The Badger said...

"Let kids starve, fry criminals, praise Jesus" is how I heard it go down.

WV - fuclois ...indeed

Dan said...

In the Disney "Snow White," Grumpy brings up the danger of "feminine wiles" and when asked what they are, he says:

"I don't know what they are, but I'm a-ginn-um"

A similar conversation could be had with Ms. Bachmann about her knowledge of "Obamacare"...

Her depth on the subject seems to be limited to what she learns from Mike Huckabee commercials. The short ones.

Bill said...

Another Obama jobs program:

Anonymous said...

During the Perry-audience love fest over capital punishment, I was extremely disappointed that the moderators didn't take an opportunity to quiz Perry on the extremely suspect nature of some of the executions he's signed off on.
He violated international law in the case of a Mexican national who was refused consular assistance, and at LEAST three cases pending are extremely suspect.
the man has no conscience-MR

Anonymous said...

BTW-Dan, absolutely correct about Ms,. Bachman and the Affordable Care Act-every time she mentions it she lies. Virtually none of the significant provisions take effect before 2013. MR

Bill said...

Union thugs storm WA state port, damage RR and look for some sons o bitches to take out.

Union will be celebrated tonight at campaign speech, er, address to joint session tonight.

ahclem said...

Man, I've read this post three times now and still apparently keep missing the part about marital aids.

And Bill, perhaps you should become familiar with the html "a" tag. It'll make your comments consisting of links unrelated to the main post all the more elegant.

Bill said...

Thanks for the suggestion ahclem. You're the man!

Kirk said...

Erin, you might find this interesting:

Anonymous said...


Erin O'Brien said...

I did see, it Kirk. It is looooong. I found a synopsis somewhere on the interwebs. Will post if I can find it.

I swear, the righties are starting go believe the answer is to shoot anyone who doesn't agree with them. Um, cultish? I'd say so.

Mike said...

I don't see a problem with shooting anyone who disagrees with my moderate well considered opinions.

Anonymous said...

@ Erin & Kirk-the author of the post, Mike Lofgren, was on Hardball with Chris Matthews last night. For a profile on a Democrat with similar experiences and frustrations, see Joe Nocera in the NYT, "The Last Moderate", profiling Rep. Jim Cooper.Not as lengthy, equally an indictment on the dysfunction that has become the contemporary Congress.

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps one of Mr. Perry's problem he is not SPECIFIC enough in his ideas. A few weeks ago he held a BIG prayer meeting, and one of the things they prayed for was an end to the drought.
Now, since that meeting, a Connecticut-sized chunk of Texas has gone up in smoke.
Meanwhile, a Vermont-sized chunk of Vermont has washed away in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and the continuing rains which have followed.
Just be a little more specific, Mr. Perry.

Al The Retired Army Guy said...

Speaking of Vermont, one of my former Chef-Instructors posted on Facebook that after pumping out his yard, basement, etc., two sunflowers survived. They had high water marks at about 6 feet. He lives in Waterbury, about 15 minutes or so from Montpelier.

Not a political post.


Bill said...

html "a" tag is great! Thanks Alchem.