Thursday, August 04, 2011

The shoe post

Walking around the house, I noticed the shoes. They're everywhere. How many shoes are in this house? Hell if I'm counting. You want to count your shoes? Go on and count your shoes. I'm not counting shoes.

But the shoes really torqued me. All these shoes. It's ridiculous. It's dumb. But what are you going to do? Throw away your shoes? Then you'd really be a tool. Some dumb broad throwing away shoes. Who could stand it?

But I had to do something, so I decided to take pictures of them.

Bejeweled shoes, flip flops (not mine) and the outside tennies (mine).

Goat shoes.

All Goat, save the hint of LL Bean boot under the one dark Goat boot. Them's mine.

All Lil' O'B.


Mine. They look like they might walk away all by themselves. Imagine having to chase your own shoes. Not good.

Mine again. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Guess who?

This isn't even all the shoes. there's plenty more where this came from.

Good Christ, enough is enough. I'm done thinking about too many shoes.

Hey Goat, wanna go out for dinner?

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A Daft Scots Lass said...


Vince said...

Why are shoes such a part of the female focus. On both themselves and on others
A man, if he sees another mans, connect the ground with the shoeing which is how he's shod himself.

danb said...

unshod, a bare foot
feels the fresh earth beneath toes
don't step in dog poop.


Erin O'Brien said...

A shoe haiku!

Leslie Morgan said...

Well, Erin, if the Goat doesn't want to date you, I do. Actually, you and I would likely have many things to discuss, unlike many "dates" into whose presence I have allowed myself to enter. Maybe Chinese food?

I was moving house. Absent a lack of free volunteers, I hired a pair of young men who worked for my company. I paid them well, fed them, allowed them use of the rental truck I'd paid for and bought beer for them to consume after we parted company. They arrived on time, were tolerant of crabby cats and a little old lady (me) showing off prized objects and photos in which my Granny was the infant (1899). It was a good business venture all around. It was the sight of the clothes and shoes that silenced them and stopped them in their tracks. They'd apparently never seen anything like it. Not a word was uttered out loud until the company holiday party months later. Oh, man, a few drinks and a young man will tell all he knows.

Anonymous said...

Erin-what I would like to have is an explanation of all the shoes one sees by the curb or hanging from power lines. How do they get there? Why is it that you so frequently see a single shoe cast off by itself? What happened to the other one? Did the owner discard them voluntarily, or was foul play at work?
ps cute nails
Mike R

alphadog said...

Oh, I'm all too familiar with women's shoes.
While I admit to owning 12 pair of assorted footwear including 4 pr of cowboys, 1 pr of steppin' outs, 2 pr of walkers, 1 pr of workers, 1 pr of moccasins, 1 pr of river shoes, 1 pr of flip flops and my muck boots, the alphawife has well over 100 pair to swaddle her little size six feet.
Ankle high, mid-calf, knee high and thigh high boots, Pull ons, lace ups, buckle ups, zip ups.
Crocs for every occasion in every color, some with jibbitz and some with logos. Ohio State crocs every Saturday September through November.
Sneakers, primarily pink and white, but high heel, low heel, light weight, heavy weight, shape up,tone up, fed up?, shut up.
Sandals for dress, sandals for casual, sandals still with the price tag on them from last year.
Uggs out the ass, Beans for every every depth of snow.
High heels, pumps and flats. Open toes, round toes square toes and pointy toes.
Yep, I know me some women's shoes, but so far, no Jimmy Choo thank God.

Joe said...

ha, Me and the goat have the same shoes -- picture #2.

Anonymous said...

I've got my eye on a pair of Crocs that are as pink as Lil OB's tennies.

Erin O'Brien said...

I am so glad to have a nice easy shoe post. I so glad to have the readership muse on shoes.

Leslie Morgan said...

@ Alpa ~ I have a deep appreciation for a well-evolved man!

Big Mark 243 said...

Those tan boots look as though they were made for walkin'..! (by that I mean they look like they are sexy..!)

Anonymous said...

"I am so glad to have a nice easy shoe post. I so glad to have the readership muse on shoes." EOB

Obviously a bourgeois taunt of the shoeless proletariat.

There's your poop in the punchbowl.


Erin O'Brien said...

But HEY! I bought those boots Mark's talking about for only EIGHT BUCKS at the thrift shop!

alphadog said...

Damn Leslie, I thought you were still hangin' with RJ at the Stratosphere.

Leslie Morgan said...

@ Alph ~ Ha! No, I'm too curious to overstay at anything. There's a whole world unfolding while one lingers at the Stratosphere. Gotta get out and take it all in.

@ Erin ~ That WAS some shopping feat! ;~}

WV: helabego. Describes the RJ/Les meetup at the Stratosphere.

twinkly sparkles said...

I am away on an island in Maine. I love this post. I want this post to be my post. I love alpha's list of his wife's shoes, but it's not alpha's wife's shoe list, is it? I have brought 3 pairs of shoes with me--lime green Crocs (on sale from TJ Maxx after going through 2 other pairs of Crocs and I swore I would not buy another pair); a pair of black, North Face flip-flops (bought on sale, are you kiddin' me with the 25 fucking dollar flip-flops people?), and my purple Newport H2 Keens.

Life is short, shoes last. At least good ones. Fucking Blundstones finally are falling apart on the bottom after 5 good years. I sleep with them on I love them so much.

More more more

rraine said...

damn but i love shoes. keens, clarks,
rocket dogs (oh yeah, favorites), teva, nike, new balance, flip-flops, oh yeah. i'll buy shoes before i'll buy food.
next can we talk about bags?

Erin O'Brien said...

Chicks love shoes.

I still have these kicks. Still think they rock.

Good lord, was that really taken five and a half years ago? Could someone stop this crazy thing?

Can't think of the oldest pair of shoes I have. Maybe these Dan Posts. Got 'em in Seattle in 1989 or 1990.

Wait. Should I be telling people this?

DogsDontPurr said...

I LOVE shoes!! Unfortunately, when they built me, they messed up when they got to my feet, ankles, and knees. So I can only wear flats...and very specific ones that help me walk correctly.

I like to joke that I can't wait till the day I'm confined to a wheel chair because then I will buy the most outrageous, highest heeled "Come F*ck Me" pumps that you can imagine. I won't have to walk in them, see. I'll just sit in my wheelchair and look fabulous!!!

dean said...

O'Brien, you got some cute lil' feet, you know that?

I kind of hate shoes. Sort of. I don't notice them much, either my own or other people's. I notice them when they bug me, either my own or other people's.

In many ways, I think shoes are silly.