Sunday, August 14, 2011

Los Angeles vol. two: Venice Beach

A big man going one way on the Pacific.

Rasta cheeks.


Had to give him $$ before he'd let me take this pic.

She didn't ask for any $$.

Porch garden and I love it.

Bill the commenter's family vehicle.

My kind of front lawn.

California dreaming?

He played "Speak Softly Love" (the theme from Godfather). Unusual soundtrack considering the scene.


Wonder what Marilyn would think of that (click to enlarge).

Happy Cronk beacheronis.

Last picture and Venice Beach was fun. Now be on the lookout for (groanville) whackadoodle jokes.

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Leslie Morgan said...

I escaped LA (home) in 1976, and even though I was heading for Las Vegas, I've still mostly considered that breakaway a good thing. Your pics, however, remind me that nothing is all good or all bad. Few spots are as funky fun as Venice.

In 2006, the Badger and I returned for a visit of an hour to the place we met, went to high school and lived - it's about 10 miles from Venice and we met in 1968. We ran pretty fast to get away from there that July of 2006. Time had done little to preserve or improve the place. People were eating their July 4th picnics on the grassy slopes where my beloved Granny lies for eternity. It was pretty unnerving.

Bill said...

I used to live in LA. (Palos Verdes) They wouldn't let me park my family vehicle anywhere near there. The problem with the LA area is that the crappy neighborhoods are growing in size and number. They need to elect a Rudy like mayor. Next candidate for London like, destructive hooliganism, is LA. I love Venice Beach. I'm smiling and touching myself.

DogsDontPurr said...

I'm always amazed when people say they hate L.A. I love love love it here. I'm also amazed when people say they hate going to the beach. Surely, they must be doing it wrong.

L.A. has so many different personalities. If you get off the freeways and meander around the side streets, you'll find amazing things everywhere.

Venice is a fabulous place to get lost in. Even my Dad loves it...and he is a very conservative, shy, stodgy, old guy. Yet he always wants to see Venice every time he comes to visit.

There are fabulous hidden gems all over the place...not just Venice. Maybe I am biased. I live at the beach, and I work as a personal chauffeur, so I get to drive all over the place and see all sorts of crazy things.

But, to anyone who thinks they don't like it here, just dig in, you'll see that L.A. is like an ever changing kaleidoscope. Or come hang out with me, and I'll show you my version of L.A. (Or as my Dad is famous for saying, "Stick with me baby, you'll see the show!")

Anonymous said...

Erin-thanks for including one of my favorite parts of the female anatomy, the ever-so-delightful cleft of buttock on the tattooed lady.

Anonymous said...

Erin-I still love the tattooed lady's cleft...I'm going to try to keep this thread alive as long as possible...
Sir Lancelot...

wv: detsubfr: now why in the wide wide world of sports whould these get harder as people get drunker???