Tuesday, July 05, 2011

We're not in Ohio anymore

Behold a dyed-in-the-wool god-fearing Republican during his DUI arrest.

Robert Mecklenborg is an Ohio State Representative.

He managed to keep this little gem under wraps for NINE weeks. His companion was a "young woman." Funny thing is I haven't seen this covered except in local news. Jeez, wasn't Weiner's scandal headline news across the "liberal" media for days?

Mecklenborg was jacked on booze, Viagra and some other drug. Read more about the arrest from his home territory here.

In the vid, you'll see how Mecklenborg seems more worried about what's going to happen to his car than the woman inside of it. Odd, seeing as Mecklenborg just gave an impassioned anti-abortion speech before the state legislature. Looks like that might bite him in the ass. Anyone who thinks this clown cares one toot about unborn children or their mothers is utterly delusional.

Although Mecklenborg can't wait to get his hands on my womb, he doesn't want anyone asking him questions about the woman and what he was doing in Indiana driving a car with Kentucky plates.

"I understand the interest in the DUI part, I guess, but the rest is a personal matter," Mecklenborg said.

He's also very interested in who does and does not get to vote.

Sex scandals usually leave me cold. I agree that a politician is entitled to privacy, but I'm having a hard time keeping my nonjudgemental fence up with this charmer. He is one scumbag full of hypocrisy.

The righties wanted to skewer Weiner for a twitter post and they succeeded. They tried to make it a referendum on the entire left contingent. Even though Weiner's sex scandal was virtually sexless, they were outraged over Nancy Pelosi's slow move to judgement.

Well then, let's dig what Mecklenborg's rightie friends are saying:

Alex Triantafilou, chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party, said Thursday that party leaders are "assessing" the matter.

"It's a tough situation," Triantafilou said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Bob and his family."


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Joe said...

Thank goodness he did not drive into the river. He strikes me as the kind of politician that would leave a drunk woman to die in the car while he swam to safety. But then no decent human would do that...

Just kidding. This guy is a piece o'crap. He should resign. Who was the girl? Why was she in the car?

I am not sure of your connection between the girl in the car and abortion, though. Was the girl preggers? Were they coming back from Planned Parenthood? Did they just have a hangerestomy in a filthy back alley of some shady Indiana community? Did the sun set on an illicit love child in the sleepy river town of Rising Sun?

Again, these kind of politicians, whether Repubs, or Dems are not fit to represent The People. We are developing a group of individuals who actually believe they are of the "Ruling Class" and above the law. It makes me sick.

Cleveland Bob said...

Here's an important shout-out to all of you who read Erin's blog who represent the Right.

One of the thing we Liberals dislike most about the Right is your hypocrisy. Meklenborg has consistently told his constituency, and particularly women, that he knows better than we do. Yet, when confronted with the harsh reality of a field sobriety test, he responds like a petulant child to whom the laws do not apply. That, my friends, is hypocrisy and it is a hallmark of the religious and moral flim-flam perpetuated by the "conservatives" of this nation.

I, nor many of us, had not even heard of this guy until Connie Schultz wrote about this case last week in the PD. Erin has done her one better by posting this video.

Major Kudos to them both!

VideoDude said...

According to his new proposed legislation. He will not be able to vote. He no longer has his Driver's License.

The moral outrage on the right for guys like Anthony Wiener is only matched by their hypocrisy for their own troubled members, like David Vitter.

Harry Finch said...

When you accept public office you disable the personal [private] matter functionality of your life.

That's how the game works.

If you don't want your personal life exposed, don't stand at the edge of the forest in only your underpants.

Bill said...

Bob: Thanks for the "important shout out"! I'll try to eliminate a few of my moral standards. Wouldn't want to be seen as hypocrite by you liberals.

alphadog said...

Heh heh.
Rep. Mecklenborg went out to get laid and got fucked in the process. Welcome to the real world pal. That cop really didn't give two pinches of shit about who you are did he?
Great vid Erin.

VideoDude said...

Moral Standards? So it is ok to be married with children, travel across state lines with "an employee of a strip club", Drunk and on Viagra.

Erin O'Brien said...

No, you don't get it, do you Joe?

Abortion is a private matter. Mecklenborg wants his privacy, but also want to deny it from women across Ohio.

He just gave a big in-your-face anti-choice speech last week. Um GEE. I wonder if he would have been so anti-choice if his Viagra endeavor had come to more fruition than intended and that little girl ended up with a bun in the oven.

Two months and still no outrage from Ohio Republicans. Unbelievable.

VideoDude said...

Teapublicans immediately condemned Anthony Wiener, for his non-sex sex scandal and called for his resignation. Nine weeks after Mecklenborg's incident they are still "assessing" the matter.

Harry Finch said...

They are assessing how best to stage the press conference so he can announce he's going to take some time off to get treatment. They want to do it right.

VideoDude said...

Nine Weeks?

Cleveland Bob said...

You're welcome, Bill. Judging others by your own false standards is a hard habit to break.

Joe said...

The guy is a hypocrite. No argument.

But you should not be caught by faulty reasning exemplified by Bob and Video Dude.

Mecklenbourg is a hypocrite
Mecklenbourg is Conservative
Therefore all Conservative's are hypocrites.

That kind of reasoning is faulty logic.

There is plenty of hypocrisy to go around. Those who think the Weiner affair was overblown were quick to condemn Mark Foley. Those who do not speak out on Mecklenborg were quick to condemn Clinton. Those who have issues with Senator Ensign saw nothing wrong with...etc. We are all victims of our own bias. But we cannot let that bias paint an illogical picture.

The issue is with all elected officials who do not live up to the public trust. They should be held to a higher standard.

Bill said...

I'd like to hear from Humma Weiner on this.

VideoDude said...

I never said ALL Teapublicans or Conservatives are Hypocrites.

However, it is Hypocritical for members of a party to immediately show moral outrage for one politician minutes after the scandal breaks. Then wait nine weeks and counting to assess the future of another.

Erin O'Brien said...

That's right: nine weeks.

Mecklenburg kept this under wraps for that long, conducting state business all the while.

I have no idea if this is a credible site or not, but according to Examiner:

The news of GOP Rep. Robert Mecklenborg's arrest hit Internet newsstands when Brian Hester, executive editor at Plunderbund, a progressive Democratic blog site that reports on Ohio politics, reported on public arrest records that identified Mecklenborg as the person who Hoosier police pulled over near the Burger King at the corner of Lorey Lane and US 50 in Lawrenceburg.

Cleveland Bob said...

Joe, Bill, et al,

I figured everyone would "go all Weiner" on this one proving they the Left is just as bad as the Right.

Here's why you're wrong.

We Liberals don't tell you how to live your lives, what to drink, what to smoke, who to pray to, who to fuck and what to do with the fetus in case you create a baby.

The Right ALWAYS is telling everyone else how to live by a moral code they continually shatter by their own crummy misdeeds. See how clear that is? I'm not saying that those on the left also break all kinds of moral tenets, they just don't stand on higher moral ground and tell everyone else what to do and how they're better than us. It's a, pardon the pun, seminal difference.

Here endeth the lesson.

Erin O'Brien said...

Bob, that is exactly what I was going to say.

Mecklenborg and his ilk are happy to legislate morality. That's when the righties get into hypocrisy trouble. It's infuriating.

STILL NO WORD from the Ohio Republican party.

Bill said...

I guess Mecklenborg should change parties and stop preaching.

VideoDude said...

No, he just needs to practice what he preaches!

Vince said...

Are all cop car videos available to the public.

VideoDude said...

It doesn't matter, he is a public official.


alphadog said...

Actually Erin and Bob, people from both parties have been more than happy to tell us how to live our lives. There are damn few politicians who don't think they know better than you, what is best for you.
Since I've been able to vote, my criteria for candidate selection has been not who is going to do the most for me, but who is going to do the least to me. I am so goddamn sick and tired of flipping the lever for the least worst candidate that I could scream; in fact I have. How great would it be to have a choice between two people, both of whom you believe to be qualified for the job? Don't worry, it'll never happen. The ruling class is making too much money and consolidating too much power keeping the citizens divided.

Joe said...

I guess then we should give up all efforts to try and live by moral standards? Is it really your position that Lefties are never hypocrites on moral issues as they have no morals? What a ridiculous position.

Bob, your inability to argue a logical point is amazing.

By the way, "lefties" are alwayss telling "righties" how to live. We should give up our wages for the greater good (spread the wealth) we should pay for abortion, we should give up our Constitutional rights to guns, that religion has no place in society, that our churches must acknowledge gay marriage, that progressive taxes ar fair, what temperature we should keep our homes, how much money we should make, what kind of car to drive. You argue for open borders, Government takeover of private industry, and dictating what kind of light bulb I must use and how much water I can flush down my toilet. *

I guess it is a matter of perspective?

* I am not trying argue my personal feelings on any of the above, but to highlight how both sides want to impose their worldview upon the rest of us.

VideoDude said...

No one has said Liberals cannot be hypocrites. No one is advocating taking our guns. That's a Teapublican talking point lie! It is in the Constitution, that we have a separation of church and state. Where is the amendment that churches have to recognize gay marriage? What is fair about a tax code that gives incentives to profitable corporations? It is law that federal money cannot pay for abortions. If you are referring to the Auto Bailout,("Government takeover of private industry"), The money has been paid back and 500,000+ jobs were saved.

As far a the light bulbs, I can agree with that one.

Erin O'Brien said...

Jeepers, Joe. Move to Ohio. We don't have any laws about the temp of our homes, you can take your gun into a bar and you can pretty much drive any car you want as long as it passes certain safety standards.

Let me be very clear on Mecklenborg: this guy was willing to take that little girl into a motel room and screw her silly, then pass a law mandating she bear his child.


Harry Finch said...

Joe - That is a good point about liberal hypocrisy. Except you fail to make an important distinction.

Hypocrisy is like cholesterol. There is bad hypocrisy and good hypocrisy.

Bad (rightwing) hypocrisy is ugly and low brow, and available via the Old Testament, strip malls, and Walmart.

Good (leftwing) hypocrisy is beautiful, tasteful, and available wherever fine, discriminating boutique shops are to be found (which is not everywhere, and only where there is valet parking).

I am surprised you require instruction on this matter.

Harry Finch said...

The real problem with hypocrisy is that it always looks like you have misspelled it.

VideoDude said...

Harry, your right. I also had to do a spell check on HYPOCRITE.

Joe said...

I guess my point was not clear. I was refering to Video Dude and Bob who claim righties are trying impose their worldview upon us all. Lefties have espoused positions that many on the right find repugnant. The President said we can't keep our thermostats where we want (He jus thas not yet presented legislation), and CAFE standards do dictate the kind of car we will drive, for instance.

Dude, we could argue about any specific (Chicago does ban handguns for instance) but you miss my point. Both sides press their worldview, it is all a matter of perspective.

Erin, you have no idea on my position on abortion. But I have stated clearly Mechlenborg is apiece of shit and should resign. I agree he is a raving hypocrite. I am not sure what other ahgreement your want from me. But if you think that because Mecklenborg is a hypocrite and a conservative that makes all conservatives hypocrites then your logic is flawed too. You are smarter then that.

Oh, and Bob,

I am certain the vast majority of anti-tobacco legislation has been sponsered and pushed by Liberals. I am not aware of anyone legislating whom you should worship. And unless you want to diddle the neighbor boy, your sister or the sheep down the road, no one is telling you who you can fuck.

VideoDude said...

I have no idea what you are talking about. I never said the "Righties" are trying to impose their "world view" on the people.

I had no idea that the Thermostat police would soon be out in force. Where do you guys get this BS?

How about the law trying to be passed in the south (by Teapublicans), I don't remember where, that a woman who has a miscarriage must proof she didn't have an abortion. Who is trying to impose their will on whom?

VideoDude said...

Okay, I found it! On on Right-Wing Blog. No evidence that there will be Thermostat police, just a statement. Once again, proof that if a Conservative, Teapublican or Republican says it...IT HAS TO BE TRUE!

Erin O'Brien said...

"I am certain the vast majority of anti-tobacco legislation has been sponsered and pushed by Liberals."

Last time I checked, Joe, you could buy a pack of cigarettes in any supermarket, gas station or convenience store.

No, I don't believe Mecklenborg represents all the righties or that they have a monopoly on hypocrisy.

You may think Mecklenborg is a scum, but his colleagues aren't so quick to condemn him. This is from the Chicago Tribune:

In a statement, Batchelder, a Medina Republican, called Mecklenborg a friend and dedicated public servant, then added that he was "shocked and disappointed."

"We are working with Representative Mecklenborg to find a solution that is in the best interests of the representative, his family and all concerned," the statement said.

As for guns in Chicago, the Supreme Court ruled last year that the city can't block handgun ownership and to that end, Rahm Emanuel is your new hero.

Bill said...

No hypocrites on that OJ Anthony jury.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this one filled up quick.
-Mecklenborg's reprehensible on moral issues. The sponsorship of the voter-suppression bill working its way through the legislature is a bigger issue.
-Estimates are that it could potentially disenfranchise 900,000 voters in Ohio-the elderly, students, the poor and minorities.
-This effort is part and parcel of a state-by-state effort nationwide where Republicans hold power.
Mike R

Erin O'Brien said...

+1 to what Mike said.

And one more note on smoking. The Ohio ban passed by a popular vote of the people in 2006.

alphadog said...

Hey Mike, get current.

Ohio’s new proposed voter identification bill – potentially one of the strictest in the country – just hit a serious roadblock. Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted just signaled that he’s against the bill as currently written, calling its provisions “rigid.”

According to a statement, Husted said, “I want to be perfectly clear, when I began working with the General Assembly to improve Ohio’s elections system it was never my intent to reject valid votes. I would rather have no bill than one with a rigid photo identification provision that does little to protect against fraud and excludes legally registered voters’ ballots from counting.”

And from another story,

"The Ohio Senate committee removed the provision on Wednesday, only a day after it was added by the GOP-controlled House, after the state's top elections official joined Democrats and the League of Women Voters in opposing the photo ID plan."

Bill said...

@ 10:58, Erin said: Um GEE. I wonder if he would have been so anti-choice if his Viagra endeavor had come to more fruition than intended and that little girl ended up with a bun in the oven.

Erin: The little girl is a 30 year old woman whereas the "bun" could have been a little girl.

Cleveland Bob said...


I've got an idea, let's all go back to dropping clever bon mots about that darling pin-up girl riding the giant phallic missile from Erin's previous post.

BTW, bon mots is a common French phrase meaning "clever words" or "witticism" for all you Freedom Fries eaters out there...

Erin O'Brien said...

Check about the 16 min mark of the vid, the cop quotes her DOB to be Jan 30, 1985. (Redo your math, Bill.) That makes her 26. Meckenborg, is 59.

He's more than twice her age. I think the term "little girl" applies--would still apply if she was 30.

Here, read this. No idea how credible they are.

Erin O'Brien said...

Bob, I know, but I just couldn't leave this one alone.

Bill said...

Tested positive for viagra! Just seems weird that they test for that

Anonymous said...

Alpha-thanks for the update. Hopefully it stays dead, because Mr. Husted doesn't have a vote in the Ohio general assembly.
What I mentioned about nationwide voter suppression efforts stands. If you are certain about the correctness of your policy-making, why would you want LESS people to vote?
Mike R

Contrary Guy said...

I don't do politics, but whether Repub or Dem, the implied cheating that he was doing that night (married with kids, after all) is what bugs me. That plunderbund site where the vid comes from has more interesting info on that; guess the young woman works at a strip club down the block. And he was driving her car to the hotel? Surely a juicier story here than just the poli stuff.

Al The Retired Army Guy said...

Anyone who is intoxicated, as described under state law, and gets into a vehicle and drives is a potential murderer, as the vehicle has now become a weapon for all intents and purposes. I care less about him and the young lady, and more about the fact that an elected official, regardless of party exhibited extremely poor judgment (as did Clinton with Lewinsky, John Ensign, John Edwards, et. al.). He could have killed someone, folks.

I've said in other places this guy is a dumbass. But the real issue is he was drunk, and driving. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as a result.

As for the young lady .... as in all sex scandals, he'll have to deal with the fallout. My guess is his wife will divorce him, his kids will still love if not understand him, and he'll go on with a damaged reputation for the rest of his life. He'll be lucky to find a job somewhere.

Bottom Line: This guy has betrayed the trust placed in him by the public due to his extremely poor judgment. He should resign his seat in the Ohio House. We pay those folks to make decisions on our behalf - if they show poor judgment (as this guy did), they have no business being in office. And that goes for both sides of the aisle.


P.S. This is not a commentary on politics. It is a commentary on personal behavior and judgment. I am not breaking my word not to comment on political issues.

Al the Retired Army Guy said...

BTW, as a "rightie," I don't want to skewer weiner. I'd rather just put it on the grill. Nothing quite like a grilled weiner. With mustard, sauerkraut, and onions.


Al The Retired Army Guy said...

"We Liberals don't tell you how to live your lives, what to drink, what to smoke, who to pray to, who to fuck and what to do with the fetus in case you create a baby."

You don't? How about the ban on foie gras in Chicago a few years back? Michelle Obama's "lecture" to representatives from the restaurant industry? Bans on smoking just about anywhere (not so much what to smoke, but where)?

I *ucking hate the government telling me what I can and/or cannot drink/eat. To this end, I say this ... "*uck you." It's none of your damned business what I eat or what I don't eat. If I get sick or ill as a result, that's my fault, and my responsibility to deal with it. But you have no right telling me what I should or should not eat.

Again ... *uck you, government, when it comes to food and what I should eat or not eat.


Erin O'Brien said...

Al, I am completely uninterested in the silly foie gras thing. But let's be fair. It has nothing to do with the health of the people eating it. It's an animal rights issue.

Harry Finch said...

Ms OB - Your last post was 407am. Just mentioning the fact.

Al The Retired Army Guy said...

@ Erin: Here's my take - if you don't agree with how foie gras (or any other food, for that matter) is produced, don't eat it. At the same time, don't tell me that I can't because you don't like the way it's produced. Better yet, don't put bans on it in place like they did in Chicago (the ban has since been repealed, thank God).

Animal rights? Watch Food Inc. How is what is depicted in that film better than how foie gras is raised? Better yet, visit a combined animal feeding operation (CAFO) out west, and see how cattle are raised for the hamburger you ate yesterday. Tell me that's better than the production of foie gras.

We'll agree to disagree here (I think, as I'm not sure what your complete viewpoints on the subject are).


philbilly said...

"I'm a lawyer!" Douchebag. Tell it to Star Jones.

Anonymous said...

It was kind of interesting watch both sides cherry pick the other side. It is clear no one "gets it", both sides have an agenda and that agenda is to get us all to obey. Our elected leaders are smarter than we are, thus they have a right to rule. Sadly we are just too stupid to do anything without government approval and rules. How many laws does everyone agree are total bullshit, and how many of them have been on the books for decades. Since I was hatched both parties have been in control, and they continue to make laws to further government control over our lives. How many laws have they repealed? I have no use for either party, and I expect the worse from the leadership and neither party has failed to live up to the low standards they set for themselves.

James Old Guy