Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Phone cam round-up with mystery quotes

"Of course some people do go both ways."

A man with a singular look.

Are you allowed to put a pickle in the hot dog container? Or a brownie in the sandwich one? If I were in charge (and I should be) we'd see about those Stay Fresh people with their TV and extended freshness and all the rest of it. Bastards.

Holy shit!

"Those cats were fast as lightning."

Why, you naughty tree!

Zee bunny has left zee building.

"The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat."


Invigorating massage right where it's needed.

The Darwinian imperative ... stymied!

"I'm tired."

Unidentified white object.

Mini Cooper cargo update: space-saving wine and boot storage method.

* * *


jo said...

The security guard across the street thinks the rabbit looks like a donkey and holy shit is my favorite.

Leslie Morgan said...

Great new Profile photo, Erin! Maturely beautiful.

I confess it: I've got a single-minded fascination for home dude with the singular look. You know, I don't want a man who looks like everyone else's man.

WV-hutied. Hutied up my man in all those (I think) hair bands?

Bill said...

The can of soup, next to the massager is a story in itself. You could include the used condom in that story too. What better way to spend a cold day. Soup and sex; of some kind.

Erin O'Brien said...

Jo, I knew someone would get it!.

Thanks Leslie. Good luck on the singular homedude search.

Bill, maybe they're going to use the massager to stir the soup. Sort of like a dual-purpose immersion blender.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie I got a birth mark that looks like The Shroud of Turin. Can you comp me to a buffet at the MGM Grand?


P.S. I think them psychic vampires sucked the youth out of E'O. Now she looks mature. hehehaha

Vince said...

I'd never have taken you for being one of those that know how to replace the cork in a bottle.

alphadog said...

Any bit of merchandise that relies upon "As seen on TV" as its main selling point should be avoided.

A very fine profile pic Erin. The wistful look on your face will have any number of people wondering what it is you're thinking about.

Leslie Morgan said...

@ RJ ~ I've got great news! I got you a gig doing 2 shows a day, 100% comped room and board. Uh-oh, wait. It's not the MGM. It's the Sahara. Yes, the one that boarded up its windows last Monday. Maybe I'll just keep looking for an opportunity. Your demands for a comped buffet don't seem out of line to me. ;~}

Anonymous said...

Things are tough all over :)


P.S. RIP Sahara.