Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Phone cam round-up with arbitrary numbers

The Republic of Chocolate Bunny Army.

Giant shadow, little chair.

It had a bad vibe, so no, I did not pick it up.


Your typical counter top chicken.

Dude, your beer's cold.

Set down and have a cup o' joe.

Two and Goat.

Magical ceiling crystals!

Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy.


I pity the fool!

Angry lobster mob.

I found your phone on the road. Yes, I checked, and the screen was locked. Sorry I couldn't help you, buddy.


Stone birdie.

Hey man, where's the spool piece?

*  *  *


Anonymous said...

Sheet, ALL money has a bad vibe. Pick it up, move it on to some other schlub. Your finds are so interesting...on my usual 'lunch' walk around this nasty ghetto round these ways I usually find so many discarded, used condoms, I feel like washing the soles of my shoes before stepping inside my house. Oh, the other day there was a chicken loose and a bunch of young kids chasing it around the apt. complex I walked by. Why weren't these kids in school at 12:30 pm? Then there's this: a shitload of pigs fell from a truck on our major highway here last week, stopping traffic for a while. That incident was followed the next day by a bunch of dogs wandering the highway. And THAT incident was followed a day later by a bunch of chicken. Welcome to North Carolina, yo.

(word verification: Irrrish)

Anonymous said...


Your phone cam round up is one of my favorite things on the Owner's Manual. It is also something I dream of stealing for my blog. There are a couple of obstacles, however:

1. I don't know how to operate my cell phone camera and

2. I would need some sort of blessing from you, but

3. I'd still need to learn to operate my cell phone camera

Thanks for the cheery post,

Erin O'Brien said...

Alex, a pic of a "shitload of pigs" on a major highway would be such a phone cam round up score!

Twinks: You are more than welcome to carry on with a phone cam round up tradition of your own, provided you can get over the technical difficulties with your phone. I'm just glad to hear you enjoy these silly photo posts.

Bill said...

The lobster mob is very organized. They're even wearing uniforms.

g. said...

What scares me is that I'm pretty sure I would consider stealing that coffee-drinking-coffee-bean. Just for a day or two, just to have company while I drink my afternoon joe. We'd have a good time, I'd take a couple of pictures, and then I'd return him to his rightful perch there on the porch.

Did you happen to notice if he was securely bolted to that chair?


(you know I'm kidding, right? Right?! I'M KIDDING. geez.)

Leslie Morgan said...

Ah, Missy, I see your scheme. You stir up a whole load of blogging debate and then sedate us with a round-up. Good plan!

So, I'll see your two and goat and raise you one and cat.

I, too, was entranced by the image of a shitload of pigs. I'd be torn whether to snatch coffee bean man or Mr. T ~ what a dilemma! And, believe it: I think the Bunny Army may be a little too militant, even for me. Thanks for the grand start to my day.

Anonymous said...

Erin: http://www.wral.com/news/news_briefs/story/9353657/
(sorry, don't know how to make this link active in Blogger, please help me)

Dudesworthy said...

Swine, you gots to use html tags.

Just stick < url > and then < /url > (but without the spaces) either side of that web address and it'll light up like jalapeƱo sauce in a Nun's mouth.

Also... Downesla

Erin O'Brien said...

As Leslie pointed out, we definitely needed a breather here at the Owner's Manual. Hence: PHONE CAM ROUND UP!

Re: Dude and Alex: I love it when you people take care of each other around here!

danb said...

"Angry Lobster Mob" could be a good band name.


Contrary Guy said...

The only money I won't pick up is bills with blood on them. Didn't see any blood here.

Managed Hosting said...

Although in this economy, a dollar found is a dollar earned. Even if it did have a bad vibe- spend it on your electricity bill to get some good rays.

sarahm59 said...

Thank you for the link Swine. Widdo piggies running amok make me smile.