Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mighty Brite

Last night saw Clevo's hippest event of the winter: the Brite Winter Festival, which is staged down in the industrial Flats district. Here's a (hopelessly inadequate) photo recap courtesy of your humble hostess, who's doing the best she can with her limited photographic skills.

Hey man, which way to the party?

No party over here, just a stairway to heaven.

Found it!

Dude, you light up the night.

Gettin' warm and chillin' out at ├╝ber-cool Sainato's with cold beer and hot pizza.

Clear night, bright lights. Funky hipsters everywhere.

Whoa foxy* mamas, don't be wallflowers. Come on back outside and join the party!

Twinkle, twinkle little stars. Let the party go on all night.

*Erin said "foxy." tee-hee!

# # #


Bill said...

Only a lib sees a 'stairway to heaven'. A righty sees a 'bridge to nowhere'! I bet that useless thing still has a maintenance contract on it.

philbilly said...

The stairs are for getting on top of tanker cars and lookin inside, OSHA style.

In another life, I had a little race car shop at the end of Merwin, the building is gone now. But there is another kickass stone building still there, from early 1800's.

I remember when the flour dust at the terminal reached Lower Explosive Limit and blew up. Crazy.

Flat Iron. Corned beef and cabbage on Wednesdays. Never found better.

Hal said...

You also said "tee hee."

Leslie Morgan said...

All the cats and chicks were gettin; their kicks at the hop (hop, hop) . . .

jo said...

phibilly, i totally remember that shop. i lived across the river where the boardwalk is. flat iron cafe big long tables and piles of perch. sigh...

after many years away i went back down and went to visit the harbor in and i had to PAY TO GET IN. and there was no band. never went back down the flats since then.

maybe i should give it another shot...

alphadog said...

The Harbor Inn charged a cover?
I don't imagine Wally and his brother are still running the place unless they've become incredibly greedy.

philbilly said...

After hours parties in warehouses, Mickey Finn's gasping its last breath like a scene out of a Jarmusch flick, Cranberries at the Aquilon,
RUN DMC/ De La Soul at Down Under,a foundry still running third shift, what's not to love? No thugs, few cops, just hot girls with purple hair.

Do it again, kids. And speaking of kids, 20 year old rookie Trevor Bayne wins Daytona 500. Badass.

Dudesworthy said...



I beseech, no, demand that you return to Sainato's and find out what exactly it is that Fish Can't Eat.

I only know two things about fish: the first is that they can't carry guns (Phil K Dick - Valis), and the second is that they are surprisingly bad swimmers. This is an opportunity to increase my knowledge of the life aquatic by a third.

Please help.