Friday, October 29, 2010

Phone cam round up: Halloweenie edition

Aw quit hollerin' at me ya mean ol' tree troll.

Dude, you lost your head.

Mighty neighborly of ya.


Buggy feetsies on the road.

A good place to set your beer.

Is it a trick or is it a treat? Dunno.

Joy right backatcha.

Park to shop vs. the dreaded drive-by shopping excursion.

Piano on the road.

The fabled Pizza Tree caught on tape.

Scary but true.

Shrooms R us.

*  *  *


Daniel said...

I'm pretty sure that I need to invest in a mannequin wearing a nice suit that I can put in the corner of my office.

Joy joy joy joy joy...

Me said...

I guess roadside pianos are more common than I would have thought.

philbilly said...

Why does it seem that Tom Waits should be playing it?

Anonymous said...

He probably left right before the pic philbilly...

I'm slow. It just occurred to me our hostess could pull off an epic "Snookie" costume.

Then I got to wondering, does anyone say "nookie" anymore?


Erin O'Brien said...


Bill said...

"Nookie" just screams "unprotected"! Seems to be out of favor.

Kirk said...

That top picture would be kind of spooky if I came across it at night.

The Middle Class gravestone might be sad but true, but it's also a hoot.

Senor Kaboom said...

nookie! hee hee

VideoDude said...

I always love the term "nookie". It just has a sweet playful sound to it, and doesn't seem as offensive as some other names. Of course, I have always love NOOKIE!!!!!!

noookie, Nookie, NOOKIE!!!!! LOL!!!!