Friday, October 08, 2010

Mini post--UPDATED*

* for those who may have had trouble with one of the (ahem) links earlier today, your humble hostess has hopefully corrected the problem.

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I am at the Mini Cooper dealership waiting for my Mini Cooper to get serviced. They have free wifi, hence this post. Please lower your expectations and enjoy.

-The new Mini Coopers think they are cooler than my '03 Mini Cooper, but they are wrong.

-This YouTube was sent to me by an Owner's Manual visitor. I will allow him to reveal himself if he so chooses.

I love the martini that shows up at he beginning of "Round Two"

-Here's a dirty picture just for philbilly.

-You want to blow all your gas out after that dirty pic? Dig the sort of thing I write for money.

-The Mini Cooper service guy thinks I'm wearing purple underwear. I am not. (It's a long story.)

-I love this guy: I am writing you today.

-Oh man peeps, I am having fun live-tweeting this stay at the Mini Cooper dealership! Hope some of you are following me.

-I call the color of my Mini Cooper "Dr. Pepper." They don't have it any more (no, my Mini Cooper is not one of those pictured. Those Mini Coopers are still waiting.)

-I love my Mini Cooper.

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DarkMage said...

I just got a 2010 Cooper after having muscle cars for years. I drive 50 miles round-trip every day and wanted the mileage. However, I can honestly say it is as much, if not more, fun than the Mustang and Trans Ams that preceded it. :)

jonas said...

Family Guy? Really? Cartoons? How low-brow.

Oh wait, I sent that to you...

Laura Maylene said...

I LOVE the Stewie/Brian novel interactions. These clips sometimes get removed from youtube so I haven't seen it in a while...glad to see there's still a good version available out there.

It took me a long time to realize that Stewie was saying "A little epilogue?" near the end. Also, look how Brian's eyes kind of twitch at 0:15...he is so a writer.

kamper said...

Re: Family Guy clip.
It's funny because it's true.
Horribly, horribly true.
(hangs head)

B.E. Earl said...

I love my Mini Cooper too! We have the one to the far right in that last pic, but a 2009. It's a great little go-cart.

Once Known as The Badger said...

What a great "dirty pic". For the first (and probably only) time, I'm jealous of Philbilly... I'm still palpitating. Oh, and your mini is nice, too.

Daniel said...

Why, thank you for the love. :) You've caught me off guard with that one...

I've yet to drive a Mini Cooper. Which is a horrible to admit, being that I love driving so much. I've sat in a couple of 'em, and been driven around... but I'm secretly jealous of anyone that gets to drive one.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahahahaha! I was certain the "dirty picture" would be the car with the hood up or somethin mechanical like. Silly me! Joan baby! Brazilian!


philbilly said...


Bless you, O'Brien.

This is an example of what I refer to as; "not a speck of cereal."

Badger, if only you knew how much there is to be jealous of...
But, be strong, live your life, man, we all have our cross to bear.


philbilly said...

Check out the bulbous ride behind Joan. It's too perfect. Hence the euphemism "headlights".

Stylistically, we are not yet done with the Machine Age and Streamlining. The problem with modern cars is they look like modern stars. Cookie cutter mediocrity. Mini-Coopers excepted, and a few others, HHR: High Hoodline Retro, etc.

Erin, go to the British car show next summer at Shaker and get a ride in an original Issigonis Mini, you'll appreciate your MINI even more.

Erin O'Brien said...

Damn if I don't dig me some philbilly.

Vince said...

My aunt had one of the original Mini's in the 70's. They were like a bloody Tardis. They looked tiny on the outside but very roomy inside. But they are such a Nurses motorcar before she decided to breed and then needs the 8-seater bratmobile.

Erin O'Brien said...

Interesting thing about the Blondell pic is that it was taken probably around 1930 or 1940 as Blondell was born in 1906.

Brilliant pic and surely proof that Hefner has dissolved into an unmitigated candy ass--more on that later.

Dudesworthy said...

Erin, I love the new MINI too, but, I can't help but feel that you are missing a trick here.

You may have heard of this already, in which case I apologize for my presumptuousness, or you may not have, in which case you are welcome.

I humbly suggest that you Google up "Morgan 4/4 Sport". Its the oldest continuous production car in the world, every one is handbuilt, and the price is comparable to a top-flight MINI (Although the waiting list isn't), and, of course, it is only available in manual transmission. Enjoy.

philbilly said...

Morgan Cars is a textbook example of how to run a car company. All the execs we just bailed out should go there and sweep the floor for two years. And wash Charles Morgan's car.

Note the similarity of the Morgan Aeromax and Joan Blondell when viewed from the rear.

Kirk Jusko said...

That Blondell was born in 1900 shows you how rapidly things changed in the first three decades of the 20th century.

Dudesworthy said...

Well... I dunno if its textbook: all the British motor industry used to be like this. Small, neat companies, churning out two or three good models: MG, Triumph, Leyland, Austin, Cooper... Then they all got bought up by foreign companies or amalgamated into Rover, which went bust and was sold to the chinese.

Maybe they just got lucky, or maybe small is beautiful, who knows?

That Morgan Aeromax though, yeah, I would tap that.

And that 'Life' Car, its got a stupid name but if all electric cars are going to look like that then I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Minis and old-schyool nude photos. These are only two reasons why I loves me The O'Brien.

Once Known as The Badger said...

Phil - I stand awed and humbled! But damn, that was a good looking woman, and meant for you, too. I'm so jealous!

Erin O'Brien said...

Aw, don't be envious, Badge.

Phil mentioned Blondell at some point and I find that pic FROM THE 30's!

'Twas a rare confluence of luck, I tell ye!