Monday, October 11, 2010

Last pix from summer--Updated*

*Explore this set of photos in high resolution here.

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Dudesworthy said...

I always love the small, hidden details in urban photos.

I think those kayakers may have taken a wrong turn, or else they're on the run from the cops.

That dudes flag shirt is awesome. He's like a superhero: Capitán Puerto Rico - hands on hips, solid and mighty.

Daniel said...

Cleveland looks like a medley of places I've visited in my not-too-varied journeys around the US... It strikes me as an industrial hub of sorts. A prideful industrial hub. That is now how I'd describe Cleveland, coming from someone that's never been there.

Kirk Jusko said...

The old town looks kind of nice in the sunshine.

Erin O'Brien said...

I am delighted you all are diggin' on my CLE pix. I sort of dig 'em too.

: )

philbilly said...

You'd be correct, Daniel

Dude, those kayakers are commonplace, most put in at Whiskey Island.

This is a great city, disguised, like Chicago, as a series of small towns on a Great Lake.

All that needs to happen is to continue to clean out the riff-raff(Democratic bleedership), and not put in place the scumbags(Republican bleedership).

Don Scipione

philbilly said...

And, yes, as a matter of fact, he is a rocket scientist.

I got no beef with citizens who identify as (R) or (D). I understand the historical and traditional aspects. That system is co-opted, and we have to take it back.

Once Known as The Badger said...

Phil - I believe you're right. They both (R and D) suck. "Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)" sticks in my mind. They both belong to the same (rich boy) club, and we're not invited.

philbilly said...

True that, Badge, time to crash the party.

philbilly said...

I'll be over by the keg.

Bridget Callahan said...


I mean, at least, aesthetically.

OMG, my captcha word is pootor.

Vince said...

Will you quit being so darn parsimonious on the sizing of the photos. There might be lively content if only one could click on them and get something bigger that the postage stamp.
Why are there flags to the side of one of the buildings.
Huggsies ;)

Erin O'Brien said...

Master Vince:

Your wish has been granted!