Friday, September 10, 2010

Phone cam round-up

"LazyBoy Shrugged"

Hey kids! It's time for Twang pickle treats!

Dude, I found your diploma.

Sonic Tots are so special they don't need a special ingredient.

Beer cap bonanza.

Grape on the road.

You guys want something to drink? We've got regular blue and some fruit stuff.

Thank you. I feel welcome and I have an idea.

Foot shadow and dots.

Pink flying dolphins are generally happy.

Beer bottle on patrol.

Gimme a longneck and a package of that beef jerky, please.

Sexy chick in the window.

Goat in the "Ice Cream Pail" section.

Tigger sock.

* * *


Daniel said...

That Tigger sock is moderately sad looking... but, I like it.

Hal said...

Am I correct in assuming that that bowling alley was on Brookpark Road near the airport?

Erin O'Brien said...

It is sort of sad, Daniel. So ... alone ...

Hal, try near the intersection of W. 130th and Pearl by Southland. Now THAT'S Cleveland!

Anonymous said...

Am I to assume "LazyBoy Shrugged" is a nod to Ms. Rand?

Erin O'Brien said...

It's more of a culturally framed commentary, anon--one that I daresay is appropriate.

philbilly said...

Bettin' that bowling alley has a dusty display box of Blind Robins imperceptibly decaying next to the bottom shelf booze.

Erin O'Brien said...

Phil, I bet you're right.

I remember how Zemba's Zalloon (down Granger on Schaaf) used to have them hanging around the bar mirror. Drank plenty of beers at that place, but never tried the Blind Robins.

Erin O'Brien said...

... now you've nudged my beleaguered memory ...

They used to have packages smelts hanging next to the Blind Robins.

Erin O'Brien said...

...and for true blue Way Back Clevelanders, Zemba's Zaloon was right down the street from Baratko's (which if I'm not mistaken was one of Alphadog's dad's haunts). Baratko's was under the old GoodYear time and temp sign on I-77.

Zemba's parking lot was where the Goat and I first kissed back in 1990.

philbilly said...

This from a site called

"Oh Yeah ! Blind Robins!! I think they were sold in every bar in Youngstown, Oh. Especially the old mill bars...Hollywood Tavern, the International, Top Hat Inn, Coconut Grove, the Greenspot Cafe, the Flat Iron..... They were like vitamins to us ..... I used to eat one or two every time I hit a bar....I knew one guy who made a sandwich out of them, rye bread only........they could cure the common cold, fix your eyes if they were crossed, get rid of any malady you had ,...along with your friends..... God Bless"

and my favorite:
" These things would gag a billygoat."

Rico Swaff said...

Haha, how long did it take you to find all that stuff?

philbilly said...

Didn't know Zaremba's was gone.

Anybody remember Zosia's, a little Polish greasy spoon on Broadway?
Great food and coffee, ridiculously cheap, including some gnarly ethnic items like blood sausage, an acquired tatse.

And what always cracked me up was the big painting of the Polish pope, and underneath a Polish chain saw, a hack saw frame with a length of chain for a blade.

Erin O'Brien said...

Don't remember Zosia's Phil, but I am familiar with those Youngstown joints.

"Double Kessler and Coke."

Good Christ.

Rico, I usually do a phone cam round up about every three or four weeks. They're just for fun. Thanks for dropping in!

philbilly said...

Or Zemba's, either. Duh.

I had a friend who was the last of the great Polish toolmakers, this guy made parts for the steel mill machines that couldn't be made anymore by modern means. Held tolerances of +/-.0001" by feel. Under 25 watt light bulbs.

He owned a house on a hill above Zemba's, where I attended the best bachelor party I've ever been to. His son had to go through the entire night with an eighty pound steel ball chained to his leg, funny shit. I'm going to see if that house is still there next time I cut through the valley.

Once Known as The Badger said...

My ex-wife said she'd have to clean Cleveland before she could ever live in it (on a trip back to Erie, Pa, where I'm from). I said they had an ordinance against that sort of thing and she'd risk being arrested. I was hoping she'd give it a try. She'd still be rotting away in a Cleveland jail!

I still miss the ice mounds (like a kind of frozen volcano) on the lake in the winter.

philbilly said...

FBI cleaning up CLE nicely, thank you.

I can't remember which scumbag it was now, but one of 'em defended being paid in two places at once by testifying "Hey, you can't call me out on that one, it was a no-show job!"

Bill said...

geez erin. cleveland should worry less about getting people to recycle and more about getting them to throw their shit in the garbage instead on on the efing street. lol! your phone cam roundup should be mandatory viewing for the cleveland city council. I love the lazy boy shrugged caption.

philbilly said...

Good point, Bill. CLE has some of the laziest pigs you'll ever see. Cars routinely pull into parking spots, and they dump their fucking ashtrays right out the door, then go in fer cokes, smokes and lotto tickets, more litter. It's nearly a tradition, and I have never seen this in any other rust belt town to the extent we have it here. I'm guessin' they're depraved on accounta they're deprived.

Or they're just pigs.