Saturday, July 10, 2010


Meanwhile, Back in Cleveland ...

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dean said...

The Times. Wow. Well done, O'Brien, well done.

B.E. Earl said...

Very fucking cool!

philbilly said...

Cool, indeed.

Erin, please don't let this go to your head and move to Miami on us.
I kid.

It is often said that sports teach us how to deal with life.

And so it is. You only really lose when you quit.

Bill said...

Nice job! Very nice!

TLM0000 said...

I'm afraid I am one of the four Ohioans who couldn't care less where Lebron plays, luckily the writing stands on it's own. Great piece.

Kirk Jusko said...

In the immortal words of George Jefferson, you're moving on up.

I agree with you that Cleveland will survive this.

Nin Andrews said...

You rock! Great article. Saw it this AM in the paper, and felt beamish.

lovelylina said...

dear erin,
i was in akron last week and i looked up and saw the good ole goodyear blimp and though of you. it was fantastic, just blimpin along... but anyways i thought you should know.
love, ayasia

Anonymous said...

Why am I just a wee bit skeptical about you remembering "The Fumble"? I thought Goat had to fill you in on all things sporting.


P.S. A little college football trivia. Nick Saban played defensive back for Kent State.

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks everyone. That was a plumb assignment for sure.

As for The Fumble, RJ, every Clevelander remembers that moment. The funny thing is how people talked for days about how bad they felt for Byner.

Brian Sipe and the Kardiac Kids? It was a law to watch those games. Those were the biggest days in CLE football ever.

That Elway sonuvabitch pisses me off to this day. You see the teeth on that sonuvabitch? You won't see Elway walk down a street in Cleveland, brother. We'd catch him, cook him, and eat him. Then we'd crush his miserable bones and add the powder to a milkshake.

Um, yeah.

Anonymous said...

The NYT! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

More 'Bama trivia:
Jeremiah Castille.
Castille played for Alabama from 1979–1982, recording a school record 16 interceptions and making the College Football All-America Team in 1982.

While playing for the Broncos during the 1987 AFC Championship Game versus the Cleveland Browns, Castille will forever be remembered for stripping the ball from Browns' running back Earnest Byner in a play called "The Fumble".


Al The Retired Army Guy said...


As always, very powerful writing.

Well Done,


Dudesworthy said...

The NY Times!

Nice one Erin!

MostlyFlumxd said...

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