Thursday, July 22, 2010

Damn these tears

Click to enlarge, I'd recommend it.

I'd write it all right now, right this moment, save for the tears. Behold Whiskey Island, July 22, 2010.

This place is full of ghosts. I have more pix, but need to process it all before I can write it and show it and breathe it. Right now, the words overwhelm me.

Damn you dead guys. Damn you all to hell.

Love, Erin

* * *


Judy said...

Is the guy by the train a ghost?

Erin O'Brien said...

This place is loaded with ghosts.

I've got a picture of your humble hostess with a group of hooligans on a Willys jeep on Whiskey Island somewhere around here ... more ghosts.

Big Mark 243 said...

I will be looking forward to when you find the words to describe Whiskey Island. I wonder what ghosts are present and dwell there restlessly.

And I am interested in the plan to build an entertainment complex there. What happened to that idea??

philbilly said...

Please include my friend Citizen Ed Hauser, The Man Who Saved Whiskey Island and The Coast Guard Station.

Ed's tireless pusuit of ethical government has left a legacy far beyond a small peninsula and a Machine Age icon designed by Milton Dyer.

I just saw the Coast Guard Station from the deck of the Goodtime III while viewing the Tall Ships with my clan. I saw families pushing strollers out to visit her on the newly fenced and cleaned up walkway, and new lumber stacked up for the new roof signalling once and for all the demolition by neglect had come to an end.

This weekend, the Burning River Festival will be held there, and some will no doubt puff and preen about their civic pride and vision and entrepeneurial prowess while celebrating our good fortune to have this brace of natural and man-made masterpieces. It was Ed, goddamit, and Ed alone, dragging his video camera and microphone and weathered box of files and evidence and FOIA requests and Robert's Rules of Order to meeting after meeting after meeting designed to stab the taxpayer in the back, that allows Cleveland to have this jewel.

I saw him in his kayak, grinning, as we rounded Collision Bend on the Cuyahoga that day.

The true Port Authority.

Please attend Burning River if you can.

And check out:

'Citizen Hauser' - by Blue Hole Productions (2006)

Erin O'Brien said...

I took a pic of the street signs bearing Ed's name just for you, Phil.

I walked down to the old station as well and took some pix. Man-o-man, I remember when that walk was all busted up. Took plenty of pix of the Huletts as well.

Cool, man.

philbilly said...

You rock.

Norm said...

Looks like a big pile 'o' taconite. Yeah?