Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Phone cam round-up: coolio haunted house

Hey man, is this joint haunted?

Mebbe. Come on up and have a visit.

Fancy front door you have there, Ghostman ...

... and a nice front stoop.

No worries, Ghostman, that's just my Goat. He's a good Goat.

Looks like something fell down out here, buddy. You need help picking up that stone?

Nah, leave it. Been there about a-hunnert and fiddy years.

You got a Ghostlady living next door?

Ya. She's a sexy.

Cool deal, Ghostman. Have a good time.

* * *

Taken in Cleveland near the intersection of West 14th Street and Fairfield Avenue (southeast corner).

* * *


dean said...

Funky house. It looks like it would be worth restoring.

Judy said...

Love old places...a bit scary though...too bad someone doesn't take care of it to make it last...

Amy L. Hanna said...

Looks like you had yourselves a goth time.

DogsDontPurr said...

There's an old spooky house like that in Astoria. It looks like it's about to fall down. The weeds are always waist high and trying to take the place over. The stairs are falling apart and over grown with ivy. Some of the windows are boarded over. Clearly abandoned...right? Not!

A few years back, a friend and I decided to make our way through the weeds and brambles so we could peer in some of the windows. We wanted to see the romantic decrepitude of what was left inside. But as we got to the top of the rickety stairs, we became aware that there was music faintly coming from INSIDE the house! Then a shadowy figure passed by one of the windows. EEEEEeeeekkkk!

We hightailed it out of there sooooo fast. We were truly spooked out. It was spookier than a cemetery at midnight!

If you'd seen this place, you'd never ever think somebody was actually living there. But there was. We later found out that an eccentric old lady and her elderly son lived there. She was the descendant of one of the wealthiest men in Astoria's history (in the 1800's), but somehow ended up squandering her wealth and turning into a con~woman. Crazy story...too long for a comment that's already too long!

Anyway, it was in many ways a truly haunted house. Spoooooky.

Kirk Jusko said...

Is it possessed...or repossesed?

Mrs. C said...

That old place looks lovely. And inviting, to me, too. Kinda like the set-feel the character Mary had for that abandoned heap in "It's A Wonderful Life."

sevnetus said...

Somebody already said spooky so I'll up teh ante and say creepy. Thank you for reporting from down there.