Sunday, April 04, 2010

Yul makes me drool

Easter means God-squad flicks, which mean The Ten Commandments, which means Chuck Heston and (heaven help us) Yul Brynner.

Brynner is the subject of my favorite male nude photograph of all time. Out of respect for the holiness of this day, however, I have used advanced computerized techniques to alter the image and make it family-friendly.

For those mature adults who'd like to see the untouched photo and learn exactly why I want to sit on Brynner's chest, I offer this post.

I'm ready for my egg hunt, baby.

* * *


Chrissy said...

WHOA, WOW!!....I def understand!

standing on my head said...

yul was my first crush. i've had a thing for bald men ever since.
damn, that man was hot.

dean said...

I didn't think it was his chest you wanted to sit on...?

Erin O'Brien said...

A girl's got to start someplace, Dean.

dean said...

Well how about with dinner and a movie! Or is that too old fashioned for ya?


yes I'm sticking a goddam smiley on here.

DinamoTalks said...

I'm with 'standing on my head'! Even as a young teenager, I thought the bald Yul was hot, and have had a thing for bald guys ever since. Yay!

Bill said...

Seeing Erin sitting on Yule's chest, at the current state of his being, would make a very erotic zombie film.