Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Phone cam round-up

Fifty degrees and sunny. THE CABIN-FEVER CRAZED O'BRIEN CAN FINALLY WALK OUTSIDE despite all the blasted snowdrifts.

Riunite Lambrusco, anyone?

Above the bar at Cleve-o mega hot spot Melt.

The Goat bought a new GoatMobile. Yay, Goat!

The old GoatMobile looked sad when we left it at the dealer. Boohoo and bye-bye, old GoatMobile.

Indian spirit money house blessing rainbow incense sticks--only six for a dollar at the discount grocery. Man-o-man, my luck never ends.

Sorry, ghost of George Carlin.

Come-hither bra display at the low grade closeout store.

"Honey, springtime is high time for a new toilet."

* * *


Mystern said...

I wonder if they're throwing away the mailbox too?

LimesNow said...

The Goat's looking pretty sporty in that new red ride! Certainly more sporty than the generic white bra. Not even a 14-year-old boy would be intrigued by that thing.

Amy L. Hanna said...

tieduer sez:
If it weren't for the gravity defied in those angle shots, those snow banks would be landfills.


Erin O'Brien said...

Re: my angle shots: It's not on purpose, I'm just constantly falling down.

Now that you mention it, Limes, the Goat is looking swell in his new ride.

Big Mark 243 said...

I think the car looked sad but accepted its fate. Its duty done, time for it to move on.

Loved the Carlin Video!! I had not seen that ever. And of course he was spot on.

My Mother used to purchase those Indian whatchamcallits. She played the lottery nearly everyday. I don't know what she'd do with all the mega this and super that. She wasn't around for the huge payouts, not that she would have won.

Thanks for sharing your photos!!

Today's Random said...

What is it with people getting rid of their toilets?? I saw one next to an enormous pile of brush/yard refuse on the road this week...I'll try to avoid making any toilet jokes now...

Kirk Jusko said...

LimesNow had a George Carlin picture yesterday, and you have a link today. George lives!

Anonymous said...

It seems you've had toilets in roundups previously and I can't remember the last time I saw a roadside toilet discard. (course not all us hillbilly's have indoor plumbin) Must be an Ohio thing.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that is an EMO garbage can?

And....I think the toilet is there for deposit of junk mail.

Why don't they keep that toilet for a planter? That would be mighty tasty.

Matt Conlon said...

Poor emo garbage can! Each week it's the only one left at the curb as all it's newly acquired friends are whisked away.