Monday, January 25, 2010

Skeleton Mom

For something completely different on a January Monday, I offer you my short story "Skeleton Mom." It appeared in Air in the Paragraph Line, Issue 12, which is available in print via that link or online for free.

Download the PDF.

My story starts on page 127. Safe for work? Absolutely, but it is weird. I wrote it when I was going through preschool mom hell.

The anthology includes other delights such as Boogerlove, The Phantom Coalition, and Richard Fucking Nixon.

Dig the trailer:

Thanks to all who spend time with my writing.

* * *


dean said...

Download and read now, people, it is an excellent story.

sarah said...

ah, the joy of motherhood. thanks for sharing erin. i'm now going to read some of the other stories. it's a good day for creepy fiction!

Robin said...

Thanks for sharing. That was/is a great story.

Angela P said...

Good read! Write more please.

rebecca said...

It's great.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Erin. You are so talented and quite inspirational. I hope I can fulfil my dreams as you are doing.

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Anonymous said...

PS; The story was very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing Erin. xx

Tony said...

I wondered where that Buck went. Haven't seen him in my backyard for months.

Tony said...

Meant this for your photo cam post. Its tough getting old.

DogsDontPurr said...

This story moved me, but I don't entirely know why. The visuals mixed with the content which in itself had it's own visuals and concepts....kept me thinking. I liked it.

Originally, I downloaded it and thought I'd read a page or two, then get back to it. I was busy and really needed to get out the door.

Well, needless to say, I read the whole thing in one swallow. Barely made it to my job on time!

Great writing. I'm still toothing over it. Love your work.