Monday, September 28, 2009

Phone cam round-up

Someone needs to haul ass over to marketing and tell those guys that "Digestive" is a really bad name for a cookie.

Writing Kit: Everything You Need to Get Creative, Start Writing and Get Published

And to think I've been fooling around for years with this shit when all I had to do was buy this simple kit ...

Sashaying through the "New Items" aisle makes me feel daisy fresh.

HELL NO I'm not sure I'm going to heaven. The only place I'm sure I'm going to is Marc's.

Goat and people mural at **mmmmmmMelt**

Stay tuned to find out why this topic has been on my mind for the last couple of weeks.

This is not coffee. This is desert.

Finally, a bumper sticker we can all get behind.

Hi blue and white discarded plush toy; here you may live and love in perpetuity.

Truth blooms from small things
I am the light and the bringer of hope

* * *


LimesNow said...

"Digestive biscuit" DOES pale in comparison to "Ooey, gooey, rich and chewy", Erin.

The coffee dessert looks large enough to feed several.

Can you tell it's lunch time here?

Scarlet Hip said...

Digestives are very popular in Italy. They use that name to excuse the mass consumption of cookies by pretending that they clean out your system.

Mr. L said...

I gotta get me one o' them there writin' kits....

Meagan said...

Yeah but those kit-made novels always fall apart halfway through... I think it's the cheap glue.

Whitenoise said...

Poor little Club Penguin, there'll be a young tot cryin' somewhere today...