Monday, September 07, 2009

Phone cam round-up

Okay. It's gonna be a great love-in!

Grape Swisher Sweets? No thanks.

Double nuke.

Treats at the Mini Cooper dealership.

Is it a z? Is it a backwards N? Is it a rogue-operator packing peanut? Dunno.

Bin of giant porks.

Important social commentary.

Plush football on the road.

The Lone Phone.

A case of "fresh apple fries" at Burger King. Hmmm ....

Fashionable garbage bag.

RIP Mr. Snake.

Bag o' beer cans.



Anonymous said...

There's either bong hits or Glenn Beck with a chainsaw behind that side door. I'd have to peek.


"Workers of the world, unite!"


B.E. Earl said...

The "Hippies use side door" sign has been gracing the Green Parrot Bar in Key West for thousands of years, or at least since I first went there in the early 90's. Looks exactly the same as the sign you took a pic of too.


Al The Retired Army Guy said...

Nahh ... the "Hippies Use Side Door" sign gets them to the shower quicker ... ;-)


glittermom said...

I like to look for roadside debris...I saw a nice dress shoe the other day....I wondered the story behind the shoe....

Mr. L said...

Are the treats only to distract you from the repair bill??

Contrary Guy said...

so many found items! I really must walk more places, apparently I'm missing it all.

dean said...

I always thought hippies used the back door. Occasionally.

jodie said...

Quirkily extraordinarily delightful! You always beckon the imp in me to escape from the straightjacket of the ordinary to come out and play. Thanks :)