Thursday, September 03, 2009

Drill Americans Drill!

No one loves the chant Drill, Baby, Drill! more than the Saudis. After all, it's the sound of a pathetic addict crawling around his own back yard looking for a crumb of crack. The Sheiks and Kings of the Middle East know that they control the only real booty on the planet.

People in my neighborhood are really irritated over Drill Baby Drill! Maybe because this is what it looks like:

There's the derrick right behind a house I pass on my usual walking route. And this is a quiet middle-class street with no other industrial installations of any kind in the vicinity. And yes, there is a well adjacent to my own home. I'm waiting for one of these wells, the drilling operation, or the tanks of natural gas to blow up. Oh wait. That already happened.

We've got oil derricks next to kids playing hopscotch in residential neighborhoods while schools are keeping kids from listening to the President. How much dumb is it going to take for this country to wake up?

How much goddamn dumb is it going to take?

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Mr. L said...

That's pathetic. When we were kids, they brought the TVs into the classrooms whenever there was going to be a speech. HE IS THE PRESIDENT
whether you like him or not....

Tony said...

It's the American way = greed rules!

hoosierboy said...

BP just discoveed an oil deposit in the Gulf of Mexico that dwars the Saudis. Maybe they are not the nly game in town?

Wishing we did not depend on oil does not change facts.

Anonymous said...

The crossing guard at my daughters school is a totalitarian. Being so
black and white about "stop" and "go" is clearly political indoctrination.
It's time for parents to take the crosswalks of Americas schools back
from the totalitarians. Please help our cause. Support "Democratic
School Crossing Guards of America" today. Children are our future.


Anonymous said...

In the afterglow of BP's discovery hoosierboy failed to mention that the alleged mother of all oil fields is 5 miles under water and is not expected to gurgle a drop before 2020.


Erin O'Brien said...

Everyday something else that I cannot believe happens.

Keeping kids from listening to a Presidential "stay in school" talk?

Wonder how many of those parents would have let their kids listen to Bush.

As for the oil, I wish I could show all of you what these residential wells look like. It is beyond description. People's water sources are being poisoned and their homes are filling with toxic and explosive gasses.

Drill Baby Drill!

Hal said...

Drill Baby Drill!

That's what she said.

(S)wine said...

something tells me they don't care what's being poisoned. because, you know...they gots a 450" flatscreen and...John & Kate is on.

Once known as The Badger said...

How much dumb is it going to take? We seem to be able to absorb a nearly infinite amount of dumb, and still nothing happens. People vote against their own best interest in favor of some stupid, ignorant idealogy all the time, and in so doing, allow the rich to get richer off all of our backs (deregulation, NAFTA, the banks, you know the drill). How much dumb, indeed.

hoosierboy said...

Yes, and in 2020 we will STILL need oil. Drill in the ANWAR, off shore, in the shale fields, whatever == then we will not need to drill in your backyard.

Once known as The Badger said...

Indeed, hoosierboy. There's no "we" in the oil business. It's all "theirs". Oil companies are not American, English, Saudi, or any other "countries". They are global entities with no emotional ties to any place. If they found oil in your back molar, they'd be trying to find a way to drill there.

Anonymous said...

Hooiser I think that's the most naive thing you've ever said. They would drill in your living room if they thoght there was oil under there.


VideoDude said...

If any of these school, who are banning Pres. Obama's speech, are public schools I have a very big problem with it! The Repubs are falsely accusing The President of being political. How can banning his speech be seen as anything else?