Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sightseeing Erin-style: Los Angeles

Damn. No time for an audition.

Hi red lanterns.

Like those pots.

No plants like that in Ohio. Hope they don't eat me.

Okay I won't already, just hand over a pastry!

Tree trunk that looks like a preggers lady raising her arms up.

Oh it was great to see you, Hal!

Atop Griffith Observatory.

Mannequin with nicer boobs than mine.

Large unidentified vegetable matter.

Okay, I'll get another area dirty.

Romantic canals in Venice. You row for a while and let me sip a lemonade, baby.

Mod, baby, mod.

Undies on the road.

* * *


Erin O'Brien said...

Good lord that underwear is obscene.

deangc said...

That discarded underwear reminds me of this story that some whackjob wrote.

deangc said...

PS that mannequin's rack ain't nicer than yours. It doesn't sway when the mannequin moves, for one thing.

Mone said...

Hi Erin, I see that you found my underwear! Finally, I was looking all over for it and couldnt find it. Can you please send it back to me? I really appreciate it :D

LimesNow said...

Ha! SoCal black cabbage plants ~ I miss them. Erin, that mannequin defies gravity, but we would, too, if we were made of never sagging plastic. Those ARE some skanky underpants. You've got an eye for the good goods!

Hal said...

It was great to see you too, Erin, and no one has nicer boobs than you.

Marc Mannheimer said...

thank you, I've never seen L.A. quite that way B4. Wait a minute, I've never seen L.A.

Rodger Jacobs said...

That first shot is on Cahuenga Boulevard, just a few blocks from my first L.A. apartment. Damnit, I miss L.A.

DogsDontPurr said...

Wow...you sure managed to cram a lot of Los Angeles into your short trip!

The unidentified vegetable matter in your photo is actually coconuts. We just bought one of those. You cut off a bit of the top, pour out the juice, then take a spoon and scrape out the coconut meat, blend that all together and you've got coconut cream! Yum!

P.S. I received your package! Thank you!! Keep an eye on your mail, as I will be sending you a reciprocating "thank you." Cheers! (Hey, and next time, stay a little longer, will ya!?)

Bill the Wrenchbender said...

Came here to say your boobies are much nicer, see that I am late to the game.