Friday, June 05, 2009

Noah's ark

I am reading one hell of a book.

The Children's Hospital by Chris Adrian chronicles the end of the world. How's that for an ambitious premise?

A biblical deluge covers the earth with a sea seven miles deep. The only survivors are those who were inside a children's hospital during the storm and subsequent flood. The hospital building turns into a magical floating vessel full up with humanity, including as much sex and blood and bone as anyone can handle, maybe more.

It's not often when an author earns character names such as Father Jane and Ishmael, but Adrian does within these pages. This is top-shelf literary fiction, but with none of that literary arrogance I detest. I'm about halfway through the 600-page tome.

I cannot think of a succinct ending sentence for this post, so this will have to do.


deangc said...

Well, see, that sounds like an interesting book.

Earl Tesch said...

Not that I'm looking for a detailed literary analysis, but I'll be interested in hearing from you upon completion.

A few books in to my summer reading list and I'm already getting bored.