Friday, May 22, 2009

On the road

Wite-out on the road.

Unidentified headless rodent on the road.

Wooly thing on the road.

Spider on the road.

Sparkle cup on the road.

Hatched egg on the road.

Purple disc with red center on the road.

Dead mouse on the road.

Ice cube tray on the road.

Portion of hollow plastic orb on the road.

Hole on the road.

Egg on the road.

Couch on the road.

Boutonniere on the road.

Beer can and dead bird on the road.

Easy breezy Cover Girl on the road.


deangc said...

I wonder if the dead bird and the beer can are somehow related.

The ice cube tray and the bouton... buotion... fucking flower thing are probably linked. Oh, and the sparkle cup.

I'm at a complete lose to explain the purple circle thing. Might be an alien artifact, that.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to alarm you but you ever hear of the canary in the coal mine? Perhaps carrying emergency breahting apparatus would be prudent on your walks.


Earl Tesch said...

Perhaps after a few beers, the rodents and bird had a passionate inter species threeway on the sofa and it led to a mutant parricidal birdmouse.


Glass Houses said...

Dead cardinals are bad. Very bad. No more dead cardinals.

Anonymous said...

The unidentified rodent is identified. It's not a rodent. It's a mole. Or part of a mole.

Julie said...

It makes me sad how much garbage is on the road. maybe that makes me naive but I don't care, how is it people don't know how to throw trash in the trash can? I realize that some of this stuff may have fallen out of a trash can on trash day or something but I'm pretty sure all of it is not from such things.